Metal case for duplex hotspot

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Unlike the “Jumbospot” most duplex MMDVM hotspots are not sold in a case.  You simply get the “modem” board and normally need to buy a Raspberry Pi and case separately.   I’ve tried making my own case from laser cut perspex, but it ended up being quite bulky, and I prefer to put RF devices into metal boxes, so I started to look for a suitable case which could be modified and eventually found … Read More

Non-invasive GD-77 debugger connections

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I wanted to connect a hardware debugger into another of my Radioddity GD-77s, but didn’t want to drill a hole in the side like I did on one of the radios…   But I then realised that the rubber protector that goes over the 2 jack sockets in the side of the radio, can be removed, and this gives a handy hole, through which I can feed the Serial Wire Debug wires.   Inside … Read More


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m22_ghidra_psoec gd_77_ramdumpI suspect a lot of you are thinking, what on earth is Ghidra Well, that was my thought 2 days ago, when I was informed by Kai, DG4KLU that a open source reverse engineering tool, developed by the NSA had just been released to the public. For more details visit   This is great news in relation with reverse engineering the GD-77 firmware, because Ghidra has a lot of the features, previously … Read More

Nextion display problems

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I’ve been experimenting with various ways to display information on my PiStar based hotspot, including the small OLED displays. I found the the OLED is to far to small, so I splashed out and bought what I thought was an official Nextion 2.4 inch display, from a eBay vendor.   I was aware that there are clones of the Nextion, which don’t work with the official Nextion editor and don’t accept data files produced … Read More

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