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Announcing a forum for OpenGD77 users

With the large number of operators installing the OpenGD77 firmware, managing feedback from everyone has become difficult so I’ve decided to create a dedicate forum for the OpenGD77 project.

My hosting package allows for multiple separate domains, so I just had to buy the domain name and install the PHPBB forum system on the new domain.

I actually started setting up the site during the week, however I didn’t have time to configure it until today.

I’ll probably continue to make some announcements via my blog when there is a major release to the OpenGD77 firmware and I will be blogging about other topics, but information about more minor releases will be via the forum


Some people have reported not receiving the activation emails from the forum.

This is likely to be because your email client or even possibly your ISP has blocked the email as Spam

If you register with your callsign as your username, I’ll check the list of unactivated accounts and I will manually activate any which have a callsign and hence are not likely to be a spambot

23 Responses

  1. Ken, M1DYP

    joining as i type

  2. David

    Hi. I cant look at anything or register as it wants me to accept a cookie policy and there seems to be no mechanism to do so.

  3. Roger Clark

    You must be blocking something. There is a link at the bottom of the cookie policy text

  4. sasha555

    Hi VK3KYY, can’t reply in pm to

  5. Roger Clark


    OK I will ask someone else to test

  6. sasha555

    there is no button to answer

  7. Roger Clark

    You need to post at least one in order to activate the private message system

  8. Luc83

    Hi Roger.
    I am sorry, I can’t access the forum anymore.
    Even with all sort of adblock deactivated, this is the display I have when I try to log in

    “Cookie Acceptance Required
    You must accept the Cookie Policy of OpenGD77 before you can either register on this site or, if you are already registered, before you can login to the site.”

    I tried with Chrome Firefox and Brave

    I wanted to comment and show you this picture
    where I compare the ID display with an old version of the firmware (not very important though)

    I have a little bug with the lastest version for the firmware, the display light is always on

    Thanks a lot

  9. luc83

    Hi again Roger
    Concerning my last message here: the screen was always on because of the setting in “Display options”… Not a bug
    (This is a very good idea to be able to set the value to “0”)
    Don’t validate my msg here, there is no interest of course. Sorry to disturb you
    I try to investigate why I can’t login the forum because of this matter of cookie

  10. Gerald Carlburg

    New to GD77. Is there a website/utube showing how to load firmware? I have firmware V3.2.2 and software 3.1.1….20190425 but extras don’t show anything on Firmware. Interested in firmware to use gd77 as RPi hotspot modem. de k5oke gerald

  11. Roger Clark


    and the update which has the link to download the original firmware shown in that video

    Or take a look on the OpenGD77 forum


    There are 2 distinct versions of firmware.

    The old “Tier 1” version which has the more stable Hotspot functionality

    Or the newer “Tier 2” version which supports DMR Tier 2 , but where the Hotspot is less stable

  12. ecolive

    I have not received the activation email. Callsign is not on the userid, but on the email itself. Could you pls release it? Thanks .

  13. Roger Clark

    I think you may have tried with 2 different usernames.

    Try logging in now was w1cy

  14. Gary Bonnor 5054228

    Sorry for the O/T.. I have just resurected my GD-77 from the top of a cupboard because it never reached any DMR repeaters. Turns out it only has 2 programmed and not in my area. I am confused as to what software I ned to upgrade. Radio reports CPS V 1.1.8, Software 3.00.06. I can ind no correlation in either Radioddity or your site with these. Can you point me in the right direction to be able to use your CPS or the radioddity cps so I can use this radio, Regards

  15. Roger Clark

    Hi Gary

    Your radio is running the official firmware from over a year ago. There were some codeplug changes in the official firmware in later releases v 3.1 onwards

    I no longer use the official firmware as IMHO the OpenGD77 firmware is now generally better than the official firmware, unless you need to send and receive text messages (which are not currently supported in the OpenGD77 firmware)

    I’m also no longer updating my version of the CPS which supports the official firmware.

    If you’ve not used your radio for a long time, I’d recommend you download the OpenGD77 CPS and the latest OpenGD77 firmware and have a go at installing it.

    With the codeplug, in theory you could use the version 3.1 of my Community CPS, to open and update the codeplug to version 3.1 of the codeplug format, and then save and open it in the OpenGD77 CPS which would update it to the 80 channels per zone format used by the OpenGD77 firmware, but you would probably be better off just modifying someone elses up to date codeplug, e.g. VK2KVP has a whole of AU codeplug on GitHub

    If you do choose to install the OpenGD77 firmware, I’d advise you to register on so other members can help you and perhaps supply a local codeplug for VK4

  16. Nelson Saraiva

    Hello Roger.

    My name is Nelson Saraiva PY2HO Brazilian amateur radio. I want to congratulate you on OPENGD77
    and in this suggest the inclusion of new options!!!

    1) LEDs option: ON/ OFF For the two LED colors (TX red and RX Green)
    i.e. for the TX/RX LEDs and if it succeeds, being possible you can have the option of LED ON
    75%, 50% 25% luminousness and the famous : OFF How the options were made for

    2) Baterry POWER SAVER: OFF/ON option on ON 1:1 1:2 1:3 1:4 1:5 seconds.

    These two options would be added to those created by you in the focus of
    saving battery life. What do you think??

    Sorry for writing errors. I’m using a translator to converrter my text.
    Grateful. 73.

  17. Nicholas

    Hello! There is an issue with the forum configuration, it will not let me browse without accepting the ‘cookie policy’. I am browsing as a guest so there is no reason it should be setting cookies.

  18. Roger Clark

    My local privacy laws require this, because its a forum, and hence its treated like social media

  19. Stefan Rydberg

    Some requests and questions.
    I am visally impaired and I like to have a sound from the gd-77 when battery is becomming low. I have also read somewere about speach that i would like to use on my radio. And i have also read that someone working on Swedish on the radio and that would be nice. I follow the work on github. Can I make feature requests in github?
    Kind regards Stefan / SM7TIX

  20. bradlee

    I am having a problem with the default channel roaming to a different channel; IE I default channel one and within a few hours it’ll default to channel 4. how do I fix this?

  21. Ron Bird

    I tried Open GD-77 on my DM-860 and am impressed. Using the Baofeng cCPS could not separate calls into zones. MAin Zone filled up 32 channels and the spilled into second Zone. Assume the original software was defective. OpenGD-77 works well and no problems so far. Thank you. Ron