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Announcing a forum for OpenGD77 users

With the large number of operators installing the OpenGD77 firmware, managing feedback from everyone has become difficult so I’ve decided to create a dedicate forum for the OpenGD77 project.

My hosting package allows for multiple separate domains, so I just had to buy the domain name and install the PHPBB forum system on the new domain.

I actually started setting up the site during the week, however I didn’t have time to configure it until today.

I’ll probably continue to make some announcements via my blog when there is a major release to the OpenGD77 firmware and I will be blogging about other topics, but information about more minor releases will be via the forum


Some people have reported not receiving the activation emails from the forum.

This is likely to be because your email client or even possibly your ISP has blocked the email as Spam

If you register with your callsign as your username, I’ll check the list of unactivated accounts and I will manually activate any which have a callsign and hence are not likely to be a spambot

9 Responses

  1. Ken, M1DYP

    joining as i type

  2. David

    Hi. I cant look at anything or register as it wants me to accept a cookie policy and there seems to be no mechanism to do so.

  3. Roger Clark

    You must be blocking something. There is a link at the bottom of the cookie policy text

  4. sasha555

    Hi VK3KYY, can’t reply in pm to

  5. Roger Clark


    OK I will ask someone else to test

  6. sasha555

    there is no button to answer

  7. Roger Clark

    You need to post at least one in order to activate the private message system

  8. Luc83

    Hi Roger.
    I am sorry, I can’t access the forum anymore.
    Even with all sort of adblock deactivated, this is the display I have when I try to log in

    “Cookie Acceptance Required
    You must accept the Cookie Policy of OpenGD77 before you can either register on this site or, if you are already registered, before you can login to the site.”

    I tried with Chrome Firefox and Brave

    I wanted to comment and show you this picture
    where I compare the ID display with an old version of the firmware (not very important though)

    I have a little bug with the lastest version for the firmware, the display light is always on

    Thanks a lot

  9. luc83

    Hi again Roger
    Concerning my last message here: the screen was always on because of the setting in “Display options”… Not a bug
    (This is a very good idea to be able to set the value to “0”)
    Don’t validate my msg here, there is no interest of course. Sorry to disturb you
    I try to investigate why I can’t login the forum because of this matter of cookie

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