Nextion display problems

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I’ve been experimenting with various ways to display information on my PiStar based hotspot, including the small OLED displays. I found the the OLED is to far to small, so I splashed out and bought what I thought was an official Nextion 2.4 inch display, from a eBay vendor.   I was aware that there are clones of the Nextion, which don’t work with the official Nextion editor and don’t accept data files produced … Read More

TTGO T5 eInk display – update

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In the last few days I’ve been attempting to resolve a major design fault on the TTGo T5 eInk display board, where the battery management chip (IP5306) was completely turning off the power to the ESP32, and the other chips, when I put the ESP32 into deep sleep mode.   The problem is a design fault, and is primarily because the battery management chip (IP5306) is designed for “power bank” devices, where a LiPo … Read More

TTGO T5 2.9inch e-Ink display with ESP32 MCU

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e-Ink, also known as e-Paper displays have become a lot more affordable in the last year, with several Chinese companies selling modules with or without a built in mircocontroller, so I finally decided to buy a few to test.   One of the more interesting display + micro-controller modules is the “TTGO T5” module, which features a ESP32 WiFi processor, and a 2.9 inch e-Ink display, 3 buttons (4 if you include the “reset” … Read More