Site moved to new hosting

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The site has just been moved to new hosting and it seems to be taking a while for the SSL certificate to become updated. Hopefully this problem should resolve itself in the next 24 hours.   Mark 2W0YMS alerted me that the permalinks were not working on the new hosting, so I’ve re-saved the permalinks settings and they seem to be working again now.   The site seems to be more responsive, as its … Read More

Changing to new web hosting at Ventraip

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I am moving my site hosting from HostGator to Ventraip in the next few days. So the site may be offline for some time while I transfer everything across and set it up at the new host. My blog is currently hosted in the USA by HostGator, who I’ve been hosting with for around 5 years, however their service has been steadily declining, and the straw that broke the camels back was that their … Read More

OpenGD77 firmware update

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I’ve made a few small changes to the OpenGD77 firmware and uploaded a new version to the daily builds folder on Github (see the link below)   There is a fix to prevent totally incorrect power levels being shown in Hotspot mode, if the PA drive setting in the utility menu was set to values below 775.This was being caused when the calculated power in mW was a negative value. I have changed the … Read More

Blog offline due to server quota problems

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I woke up this morning to find a load of emails from my hosting company, Hostgator, letting me know that my entire hosting package had been locked because it had gone over its CPU usage quota.   Checking the logs, the problem was being caused by the stm32duino website requiring more CPU capacity than Hostgator can provide on my currently hosting package.   After some communication with Hostgator I have been able to re-activate … Read More

Nextion display problems

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I’ve been experimenting with various ways to display information on my PiStar based hotspot, including the small OLED displays. I found the the OLED is to far to small, so I splashed out and bought what I thought was an official Nextion 2.4 inch display, from a eBay vendor.   I was aware that there are clones of the Nextion, which don’t work with the official Nextion editor and don’t accept data files produced … Read More