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m22_ghidra_psoec gd_77_ramdumpI suspect a lot of you are thinking, what on earth is Ghidra Well, that was my thought 2 days ago, when I was informed by Kai, DG4KLU that a open source reverse engineering tool, developed by the NSA had just been released to the public. For more details visit   This is great news in relation with reverse engineering the GD-77 firmware, because Ghidra has a lot of the features, previously … Read More

GD-77 internal RAM memory snapshots

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Now that I have a hardware debugger connected to my GD-77, and the processor is not read protected, I’ve been able to take some snapshots of the 128k internal RAM memory in the GD-77 by while the firmware was paused. To make the files easy for anyone to read, I’ve exported the raw data, using the Hxd hex editor program, using its Editor View   These first 2 files, are where its in channel … Read More

Personal Wiki – App now in the iTunes App Store

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Update: November 2017   Because of the latest changes by Apple in iOS 11, most of my apps no longer work. My apps have always been free, and I do not have the time or enthusiasm and even the require Mac hardware needed to modify what were fully working apps until iOS 11. So I’ve taken the decision to remove them all from the App store and its unlikely that I will be writing … Read More