Investigating a RCWL 9196 / RCWL-0516 “Radar” motion detector module

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A new type of “Radar” motion sensor has been getting a lot of attention in the last couple of months, but no one seemed to know how they worked, so I decided to buy a few of these very cheap devices (sub $1) and investigate possible methods of operation. The boards I bought use the RCWL 9196, but appear to have identical functionality to those with the RWCL-0516 chip on them This github site … Read More

Uploading to the Maple Mini via Serial to USB

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Since my last post, my Maple mini clones have arrives and I was able to test whether it was possible to upload via USB to serial. Initially I found that this could be done, but that it only worked intermittently. I eventually tracked down the cause of the problem, to the Boot1 line on the Maple mini board, not being tied low. So that when Boot 0 (zero)  is pulled high via the “Button”, … Read More

Setup MK808 (Android 4.2) for development on Windows 7 (also probably works on XP)

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Just thought I’d post how I managed to setup my Android MK808 for development. Downloaded and installed latest ADK from Google Downloaded and installed latest JRE On MK808In settingsIn Developer options select “USB debugging” (note this setting will be remembered even after a reboot) In USB, select “Connect to PC” (Note this setting doesn’t get remembered after a reboot so need to be set each time the MK808 is power cycled etc) On the … Read More