Blackmagic probe problems with a new nRF51822 device revision

I know quiet a few readers of the blog are interested in the nRF51822, and use either the Blackmagic probe or OpenOCD to program your devices. So I thought it worthwhile to share my experiences today, when I was unable to program a nRF51822QFAA device   To cut to the chase, the device identification in full is the nRF51822QFAAH1.  This appears to be a new revision of the QFAA device (16k RAM 256k flash), … Read More

Easy Bluetooth Low Energy connector

Recently, I’ve been testing some HM10 and HM11 Bluetooth Low Energy modules for a BLE beacon project. But the problem with these BLE modules is that they come as a bare board, hardly bigger than a postage stamp, which is great for deployment but terrible for testing, as they have 1.5mm spaced connectors on the side, rather than the traditional 1/10 inch. Anyway, I thought I’d share my simple solution to connecting them to … Read More