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Because the thread on the Arduino forum is now huge, 50 + pages; by popular demand I’ve added a wiki to the GitHub repo which over time should help new users over the initial hurdles


Support for the Microduino STM32 board ( has been added – thanks to the work of Ian Hawthown

Some refactoring of the code has taken place, so that duplicate files from the variants folder(s) have been moved into the core – thanks to the work of Bob Cousins

Compile speed has been improved – thanks to the work of Bob Cousins, updating the compiler switches.

Some missing features to SPI have been added (by me) – Transactional SPI (new to 1.5.x) hasnt been finished, but works for the basic examples e.g. cardinfo.ino

A more general purpose way of selecting the board type and processor etc, plus compiler optimisation switching has been added – thanks to the work of Alexey (@HiddenPilot)

Various other bugs fixes have also been made.

Some bugs and issues still  exist. See the issues list on GitHub.


I have tested with the latest pre-released version of the IDE (1.6.rc1) and it appears to work OK, and compiles faster (this change seems related to the IDE not to BobC’s compiler switch change)


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