Solar Position Explorer app

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Update: November 2017


Because of the latest changes by Apple in iOS 11, most of my apps no longer work.

My apps have always been free, and I do not have the time or enthusiasm and even the require Mac hardware needed to modify what were fully working apps until iOS 11.

So I’ve taken the decision to remove them all from the App store and its unlikely that I will be writing more Apple only Apps using XCode.



My latest education all. Sun Position Explorer has been submitted to Apple and will hopefully be in the App Store later next week.

Sun Position Explorer

The app initially just displays a “daylight” map of the world, showing day and night time areas, as well as the location on the surface where the sun is directly overhead. The date can be animated to show the movement of the sun during the day, or from day to day, and can be used to illustrate various subjects including day and night as well as seasons, and also how polar regions have “midnight sun” in the summer.

I intend to create future versions which display other data and graphs related to the position of the sun, including the sun’s path across the sky from any given location, for any given time and date.