Replacement 3D printed CO2 laser bracket

When I bought by cheap “50W” Chinese laser cutter, I was alarmed to see that the brackets holding the laser in place were just bits of bent galvanized steel, packed around with a large amount of black rubber in order to get the laser into alignment.

And when I needed to remove the laser to clear some air bubbles that had formed in the cooling water, I found it virtually impossible to realign the laser into its original position.

My solution was to design some custom laser brackets which I could 3D print on my old MendleMax 3D printer.

The brackets fit a 2 inch diameter tube, with 2mm padding rubber used inside the bracket.

Height is adjustable, but was designed to work with my machine.






The design was done in OpenSCAD, however the code needs to be tidied up before I publish it, but I’m happy to share the STL file

Download by right clicking and saving the contents of this link laser_tube_bracket.stl

Note. You need to remove the .txt from the end of the file. I only added that additional (.txt) extension so that systems would download the file, as the .STL file extension is also used for security certificates and is sometimes blocked.