Radioddity now helping with the GD-77 Community CPS

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Some good news….

@lion (aka @lxa520), the programmer at Radioddity who wrote the official GD-77 CPS, has got in touch with me, and highlighted a few bugs in their code and also one in my code.

I don’t know whether Radioddity are going to incorporate any of my changes (additions etc) into the official CPS or whether they are just going to tell me if they find a bug in their own code, which I have not noticed.


They’ve told me about 1 bug in their original code, which didn’t seem to cause any problem, but was potentially a reason the codeplug could get screwed up sometimes.

They pointed out a code in my Zone Move Up/Down code, which I have fixed and will be in the next release when I have batched all the changes into one release.

@lion also said they have changed the way the CPS handles the tone settings file (tone.txt) and they have removed the option of “None” from that file, but I can see in the CPS 3.1.0 Beta that “None” still appears in the list.

So there must be some other programming changes in 3.1.0 to somehow add “None” to the list even though its not in Tone.txt any more.
It could be that removing “None” from Tone.txt is their fix for the Admit Criteria bug which I’ve already fixed. But I’ll need to ask them why they removed it…




@lion has asked me for some general feedback on the CPS, so if anyone has any feedback you’d like to pass on to Radioddity, please post a comment.

I’m not sure if @lion is still reading the blog, but I can repost comments via github.


You’re welcome to post feature requests, but I have no idea whether Radioddity have any time or budget to add features.

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  1. Manu

    Sería muy bueno poder tener varias ID al equipo de esa manera se puede trabajar en varios sistemas

  2. Roger Clark

    Translated using google translate

    It would be very good to be able to have several IDs to the team in that way you can work in several systems

    But I still don’t understand…

  3. Waldek

    Good news! Perhaps Radioddity will be share firmware for collaborative development and we can add more extension for hamradio 🙂

  4. Chris Fortner

    He’s asking for the ability to have a different Radio ID per system or channel. That way you can use the radio on different systems and not have one global RID. Very handy for commerical users or ham users that wish to use the radio on a commercial system as well .

  5. Roger Clark

    Thanks Chris

    Unfortunately there is only one place in the codeplug data that the ID is stored, so the firmware would need to be modified to support that feature, and at the moment, no one has jail-broken the firmware on the GD-77.

    So there is no way to do this.

  6. Roger Clark

    I’m not sure if it was a one off thing, as Radioddity were just about to release CPS 3.1.1 which had some fixes in it, for bugs which I was not aware of, or perhaps simply they wanted to use some bug fixes in the community CPS in their official CPS.

    It will be interesting to see if @lion gets back to my questions on GitHub or whether he posts more comments here.

  7. EvO

    Hi Roger.
    Sorry to bother you but what do you mean by writing “the Admit Criteria bug which I’ve already fixed”?
    Really has it been already fixed in some way?
    If so, I didn’t know it.
    Thanks in advance Roger.

  8. Roger Clark

    Possibly more than one bug with Admit Criteria

    I fixed a bug which caused the CPS to crash if Admin Criteria was set to CTCSS/DSS under some conditions when changing from Analog to Digital channels (in the CPS)

    However there may be another “Admit Criteria” bug in the firmware, which perhaps you are referring to?

  9. Rafa

    Hello Roger,
    “Translation and summary to comprehensible English of Manu’s comment:”

    Adding multiple own IDs. (Same as MD2017 does)

    Sorry for delay, I’ve been a bit busy dealing with 3.1.1….

  10. Roger Clark

    Thanks Rafa

    Anyway. I don’t think this is possible without changing the firmware

  11. EvO

    Hi Roger.
    OK, thank you for your kindly reply.
    What I meant was about the issue on the “Admit Criteria” color free.
    Roger, please keep it up.