Radioddity GD-77 is almost certainly a Tytera MD-760

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I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that Radioddity is just a brand name of Tytera for some time, as it seemed strange that the Radioddity GD-77 just happened to fit into the Tytera MD-380 charger.

Then looking in the GD-77 codeplug data file, I noticed that the beginning of the binary file has this


4D 44 2D 37 36 30 50 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF

Which in ACSII is


So the first characters are MD-760 or possibly MD-760P


Looking up the MD-760, I found various rumors that the Radioddity GD-77 is a Tytera MD-760, including on


But most convincing was this Chinese site, which included good photos of the MD-760


Which lists a

Tycoon TYT MD-760 digital dual-mode walkie-talkie UV double DMR digital walkie-talkie






Going back to the codeplug, the GD-77 codeplug, is totally different to the MD-380 codeplug, and the transceivers seem to have totally different hardware, so I don’t think that have a huge amount in common, apart from the charger.

But I’m now convinced more than ever that Radioddity is Tytera, and possibly Baofung is also Tytera.

Basically they are all brand names of Quanzhou Nanan Teyitong Electronic Co.,Ltd

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  1. Mike Sullivan

    Very interesting indeed. I wonder if the gd77 can support the same encryption as the md9600 then? Would they be able to be communicate with the same personally programmed 32 bit encyption keys and communicate?

  2. Roger Clark

    I don’t know

    I’m using it for Amateur radio and its not legal to use encryption (at least in Australia) and I believe the same applies to most country’s licenses

  3. Mike Sullivan

    Yup but I’m not using this for ham nor in the ham bands. My GD77’s are used in the public sector (oil and gas exploration, transportation and infrastructure for oil and gas) so the ham side of the equation is totally off the table here. As for the legalities of it… that’s my problem to deal with and industry Canda really couldn’t care less when the oil and gas industry do this out in the middle of nowhere in the High Arctic, as long as our radio emissions don’t interfere with other radio equipment.

  4. Roger Clark


    Check out my latest post about the re-engineered CPS I have done…

    It may be useful to you…

  5. Klaus Ruebsam

    Interesting, that the TYT battery even claims to be 2800mAh, whilst the Radioddity one claims to be 2200mAh. Taking it apart shows a cell stating just 2000 mAh.
    Guess who is right?

  6. Roger Clark

    I’ve noticed that a lot of companies like TYT aka Radioddity aka Baofeng, claim higher battery capacity than they actually are.

    I have a Baofeng UV-82 plus, which was supposed to have more battery capacity than the UV-82, but I’m pretty sure its capacity is the same as the older UV-82 models, based on how long it took to change , and how much current was consumed during the charge.

  7. Chris swain

    Hi looks a improvement on the old software, is it possible to select you location and prepopulate dmr and anologe repeators to help idiots like me

  8. Roger Clark

    I don’t know if its practical to be able to automatically generate a codeplug based on the users location.

    I see that DMR-MARC has a list of repeaters, but I’m not sure how accurate it is

    i.e use the repeater search you can enter the country

    However, the data on DMR-MARC may not include Branmeister repeaters

    And, the other complication is that you need to know which talk group an individual repeater supports, and that information only seems available via individual websites for the repeater owner or for the country or state

    Probably the best thing is if people in different countries submit their codeplugs, and you could choose one from the same country or state

  9. Bill Robertson

    Anyone seen MD-760 firmware/cps. Would be interesting if the GD-77 could be changed to be compatible with TYT encryption.

  10. Roger Clark

    The TYT-MD760 only seems to be available in China.

    I’ve not see any public downloads for it.

    I agree it would be interesting to see if the MD-760 firmware even runs on the GD-77, because its likely that they used a different encryption key, so even if it was the same firmware, it would not be possible to upload it onto the radio.

    PS. The Baofeng RD-5R is also basically the same radio as the GD-77 / MD-760 but the firmware is not interchangable as they use a different encryption key on the RD-5R