Radioddity GD-77 firmware 3.1.8 released

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I received a heads-up from Torben Hoerup this morning to let me know that Radioddity had released a firmware update for the GD-77.

The update comes in the usual zip package and also contains the CPS, ActiveClient and also a new folder called “Read Me First”


In the “Read Me First” folder, are some new documents, which Radioddity seem to have cobbled together from various sources, including a FAQ written by Jason VK7ZJA – though I don’t know if Jason realises its now been distributed by Radioddity 😉

The CPS seems to be unchanged from the previous versions, and the folder containing the CPS is called “Program software V3.1.1 (Same as last version)”  which I presume reinforces that there has been no change to the CPS.

The ActiveClient software also appears to be the same as its modification date is still 2017.

So the only change appears to be the firmware, and the change in the firmware appears to be limited to DFTM

Specifically the update diary file this new section for firmware 3.1.8


Firmware V3.1.8

1: Solve DTMF decoding issue–the other channel number cannot be decoded after the DTMF in Double Standby (Double Single)

2: Add ANI display


I think the DTMF change is self explanatory, however the “Add ANI display” is still a bit of a mystery.


The only references I can find to ANI are for “Automatic Number Identification”, and seems to be related to DTMF, rather than the DMR ID.

I did some tests on DMR an the DMR ID appears to work the same as before, and since ActiveClient has not changed, I think that both of the changes in this firmware release are probably related to DTMF operation and are not aimed at the Amateur Radio market


I’ll probably update both of my GD-77 to this version, as potentially Radioddity have done other bug fixes which they have documented, but as this new version does not include any of the enhancements that the Amateur Radio were hoping for (I checked and there is nothing on the menus to enter a Talk Group 🙁 🙁  ), I don’t think anyone needs to be in a hurry to update.


Update after 1 day’s use of the new firmware

The firmware seems to be working OK, but they don’t seem to have fixed any other bugs. Both my GD-77 radios seem to forget which channel they were set to when I turn them off, so that when I turn them back on again, they seem to go to a channel which I had to set to a few days ago.

I’ve updated the DMR ID data it seems to display the same as it did before – so now change there.


I’ll post again if I notice any changes at all 😉

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  1. ken

    thank you very much

  2. Roger Clark


    I forgot to mention, I added this new firmware to my archive on github.

    Its not actually necessary to download the whole package from Radioddity, only this SGL file is needed, the firmware uploader had not changed (I used the same old uploader)

  3. Thierry F1CXG

    thank you for this new Roger

  4. Roger Clark

    No worries….

  5. Palmer

    Hello Roger, what’s up? I would like to know if there is a step-by-step tutorial to load the firmware from version 2.6.6, or later.
    I remember that in an upgrade process you had to load a codeplug made with version of cps 1.10 so that the update would take effect without error.
    As there are so many versions, and steps to follow.
    There is a Baofeng vein DM-1801, in some videos it has been seen that they loaded version 2.6.6. I think it could be Radioddity GD-77.
    Does anyone know this?

  6. Roger Clark

    I’m not aware of a tutorial for this.

    I help someone update from an old version (I can’t remember precisely which version, but it was 2.something) straight to 3.1.6 and they didn’t have any problems.

    However that was a brand new radio, which although it was only bought last month, had old firmware in it (which I presume was because its sat in a warehouse in China for the last 12 months)

    There was some speculation that the firmware need to be updated incrementally, so allow the firmware to run each time between uploads, so that potentially it could make internal changes to the flash memory storage e.g. of the calibration data.

    However, I’ve not seen any evidence that this is more than speculation or miss-communication / miss-translation of comments by Radioddity and the wider GD-77 community.

    Your bigger problem is going to be converting the codeplug

    Potentially you may be able to export your current codeplug to CSV files using Colin G4EML’s utilities

    However I don’t know how far back his support goes, for old codeplug files.

    You definitely won’t be able to simply use your existing codeplug in either CPS 3.0.6 or 3.1.x as they changed a lot in the data format between version 2 and version 3

  7. Marko YU4HOK

    Hello Roger,

    I’ve been following your work since I bought GD-77 six months ago. Never commented anything cause I couldn’t contribute.

    But now I just wanted to tell you that I don’t have this problem, nor ever had it: “Both my GD-77 radios seem to forget which channel they were set to when I turn them off, so that when I turn them back on again, they seem to go to a channel which I had to set to a few days ago.”

    If I can be of any assistance, like sending you my CPL or FW…

    73 de YU4HOK

  8. Roger Clark

    Thanks Marko

    I didn’t have this problem until a few months ago. I don’t know what changed, but I know I am not the only person where the GD-77 forgets the current channel.

    Its probably a bug in the firmware which is triggered by something in the codeplug

  9. EvO

    Thanks a lot Roger!
    I installed the new firmware 3.1.8 the same day it was released and me too I understood that it solves problems circumscribed to the use of DTMF codes, since the only thing I could find about the acronym ANI is precisely referring to those.
    It is really very bad that Radioddity has not solved even one of the historical bugs reported thousands of times and that severely limit the use of the GD-77:

    a) Issue with the Admit Criteria Colour Code Free

    b) DMR talk permit tone

    I am testing this new firmware 3.1.8 and for now I do not detect problems.
    On my two GD-77 I do not detect the problem you wrote:

    “Both my GD-77 radios seem to forget which channel they were set to when I turn them off, so that when I turn them back on again, they seem to go to a channel which I had to set to a few days ago”.

    I do not have it now and I’ve never seen it before.
    For what concerns me this new version 3.1.8 of the firmware does not solve even the malfunctioning of the battery charge status indicator, problem that the old version 3.1.3 did not have.
    So 3.1.8 has a worst battery level indicator compared to v3.1.3 that instead was fine.
    The only real improvement Radioddity provides with the firmware 3.1.8 is the new “Read Me First” folder.
    At last inside it Radioddity provides the necessary documentation that will help to avoid problems as for instance corrupted memory while performing a factory reset (SK1 + 1 while powering on) which under certain conditions causes memory corruption and results in undesired problems with the radio, such as no RF output power, signal meter inoperative etc.
    All this will help to reduce the return under warranty for servicing of the GD-77’s, an indisputable advantage for Radioddity and its dealers.
    Anyway it must be only considered as simple workaround because actually the better solution should be to fix the problem on the root by bug free firmware, do not by workarounds.
    I have already exposed all these thoughts to Radioddity team, let’s see what they will answer

    Thanks for your great work Roger, please keep it up!

  10. Roger Clark

    I agree.

    Its a shame they didn’t fix any of the more serious bugs.

    I have discussed the DTMF bug fixes and changes, and it seems that many commercial users still use DTMF, hence this bug fix is aimed at those commercial users not the Amateur Radio or even the commercial DMR users of this radio.

    BTW. I wasn’t aware of the reduced functionality of the signal meter from 3.1.4 onwards . I’ve always found the signal level meter totally useless.

    Unfortunately its unclear why Radioddity fix specific bugs, and in this case, perhaps it was to get a specific sale to a large client who uses DTMF

  11. EvO

    Hi Roger.
    Yes the GD-77’s signal level meter has always been rather poor as an indicator of the strength of the received signal.
    Now, or rather from the firmware version higher than 3.1.14, it has also worsened as battery charge status indicator.
    The icon on the display starts to show 2 notches even with a battery over 7.4V…
    Thanks for your great work Roger, please keep it up!

  12. Roger Clark

    The whole user interface is useless for the signal level meter. There should be a way to display a line across the bottom of the screen, to indicate signal level

  13. Fernando

    Hi Roger, thanks for your website, it’s very useful!
    I’m a new GD-77 user and find a lot of information here.
    One issue I’ve noticed is that DMR audio volume level is much lower than analog one, in fact in DMR setting the volume knob at max gives me the same volume level than analog at 20~30%, did you noticed the same behaviour or it’s just my radio?
    Thanks again!

  14. Roger Clark

    DMR audio level is dependent a lot on the level sent by the other station. Some people have high audio levels some have lower levels.

    AFIK, there is no way to change the Rx AF gain.

    But you may find some information about this in Jason VK7ZJA’s GD-77 page

  15. David Pickering

    Hi Roger, I am very new to the GD-77 after buying a good cheap offer on eBay. I have upgraded Firmware but ran into an issue with the encryption. Firstly I run a MotoTRBO IPSC Tier II network with 1100 DP4400 and 550 DM4400 and 13 IPSC connected SLR5500 repeaters. I was hoping that with the GD-77 display that the Radio ID (And if I load the corresponding contact name) will be displayed so I can keep an eye on the network. I was hoping the GD-77 would give me a very cheap solution. However, during writing the Codeplug, I noticed that the encryption key is way to long as my MotoTRBO radios only use Basic encryption which is an 8 bit number 1-255 or thereabouts where the GD-77 is many bits. I tried padding with zeros but I read somewhere that this is an issue with this radio and its encryption circuit not being compatible with Motorola’s basic.
    Is there a way to write custom firmware to force the dedicated encryption circuit to “downgrade” to a version compatible with MotoTRBO basic encryption? It actually works well with encryption disabled on a DP4400 talking to a GD-77 and vice versa and I also successfully used an SDR with SDR# and the DSD plugin (albeit – no encryption).
    I am very happy to have a go at “bricking the radio” as I bought it just to experiment with.

    Also do you know why there is no “Roaming” option in the Codeplug?

  16. Roger Clark

    The firmware binary was decrypted by Kai DG4KLU about a month ago, so it is now possible to modify the official firmware at the binary level.

    I and a couple of other people have been attempting to understand the binary of the firmare, and I have made some modifications, (see my latest posts)

    All the technical chat is on github via the issues log

  17. Paul Webb

    Hi Roger,

    Any chance you can take a look at the Baofeng DM-X radio, which appears to be the same thing as the DM-1702, which appears to be the same thing as the Radioddity GD-77? If they are truly the same radio, could your community CPS be modified to allow read/write to them?

  18. Roger Clark

    It’s taking all my spare time simply developing the open source GD-77 firmware, and I find it impossible to keep up with all the other variants of DMR radios.

    Someone else would need to do a hardware and software analysis of that radio to see how it compares with the GD-77

    In the fullness of time, I suspect the OpenGD77 firmware could be ported to other radios, most likely the DMR-1801 first, and possibly to the MD-380, but there is a huge amount of work still to do on the GD-77 firmware, because DMR Tx is not working yet, even in Tier 1

  19. Denis

    roblem with my GD-77
    I have GD-77 on hand with a problem, after updating the firmware from version 3.1.1 to 4.2.8, the sound volume in analog mode became very low, system sounds like “beep” work fine, digital reception at normal volume. When downgrading the firmware to version 3.1.1, the volume returns to normal in analog mode. He did the downgrade and upgrade the firmware version stepwise with resetting the radio at each stage, did the cleaning
    memory settings file * dat
    Nothing helps

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