Radioddity GD-77 firmware 3.1.8 possible new codeplug validation in the radio

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Just a quick post, because I’m not entirely sure whats going on….


But I just tried to changed my hotspot frequency, and tried to upload a new codeplug with the revised frequencies in it, and the GD-77 does not seem to have noticed the changes to the frequencies after I uploaded the new codeplug


However when I went back to firmware 3.1.6 and uploaded the new codeplug again, it worked OK.


I’ll need to do some more testing, but currently I’d not advise that people update to firmware 3.1.8 as it appears that there are multiple problems with it.


I may be wrong, but I wonder if the new directives from the FCC about not allowing out of band operations, have something to do with this. Probably not, but I’d not be surprised if this is something they would start doing at a firmware level, to adhere to their FCC validation.

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  1. ken

    thank you, watching with interest

  2. Ted

    I am using your CPS 3.1.x together with the newest firmware 3.1.8 update. I have not been able to reproduce the ‘screen’ issue. I have not tried to trasmit out of ban either. But, I plan to follow your posts on V. 3.1.8as you make them. Have you been using your CPS or the official CPS V 3.1.1 released by the manufacturer? Do you have plans to continue to update your CPS or do you recommend I switch … beginning with firmware V 3.1.8? Ted, KB7YLU

  3. Roger Clark


    I think the screen issue may only happen with duplex hotspots. I’ll need to do more testing to confirm if it also happens on Motorola repeaters and MMDVM based repeaters e.g. those using Yaesu repeater hardware

    Re: CPS

    The CPS has not change in about 6 months.
    The latest zip file from Radioddity that contains the firmware, specifically names the CPS folder as “Program software V3.1.1 (Same as last version)”

    So there is no need to change whatever CPS you are using.

    If Radioddity ever changed their codeplug format, I would most likely update the community CPS to support it, because I don’t think I could put up with the lack of features and the bugs in the official CPS 😉

  4. Farquard

    I went from 3.1.2 to 3.1.8 and have had no problems with code plug whatsoever. Out of band is working fine too. I finally deleted emergency system thanks to your beta CPS. That said, I started the CP on 3.1.8. My radio is one of the ones that factory reset at 130 though (which reset to original calibration data). UV5R OOB does 128-529 with of course the nasty harmonics in the 220 band. Whatever is going on could be FW related as they share the same SDR chip but I’m pretty sure it didn’t start with 3.1.8…

  5. rake

    I have expanded frequencies in 3.1.8 and its fine. Then again I started the codeplug on that version. I have no issue with it at all.

  6. r00tstar

    OOB works fine but I started my codeplug on 3.1.8. I never used any other firmware. Really we need to decode this firmware and load it into IDA.

  7. r00tstar

    More problems with my comments showing up than with OOB & 3.1.8

  8. Roger Clark

    Hi Glen

    I found the reference for this and it does show a semicolon at the end

    However, I don’t have a semicolon at the end of my config which is


    and its showing both 505 and 3803 on the IPSC2 dashboard

    I presumed in this case that the semicolon was being used as a separator not a terminator, but as the reference for MMDVM Host is showing it in the example, I’ll add it to my config

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