Radioddity GD-77 firmware 3.1.8 DMR display bug

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After using the new GD-77 firmware for a few days, I’ve noticed that there appears to be a new bug associated with the DMR ID / Contact display.


When transmitting to a repeater, after I release the PTT, the incoming ID is shown on the screen, which is my DMR ID – this is normal – but in firmware 3.1.8 the DMR ID does not get removed from the screen after the transmission from the repeater ceases, a few seconds after the PTT is released.


Looking carefully at what happens, it seems that the DMR ID is not always displayed, on either 3.1.8 or previous versions e.g. 3.1.6, when transmitting to a repeater, but it seems that if you transmit for more than a few seconds, then release the PTT, the DMR ID is normally displayed.


In firmware 3.1.6, the DMR ID always seems to be removed when the repeater stops transmitting, (and goes back to showing the channel name), where as in 3.1.8 it always seems to hold on the DMR ID.


The operation of the DMR ID display is slightly intermittent on both 3.1.6 and 3.1.8, but I have not been able to reproduce the bug where the ID is not removed, when I use 3.1.6, however it seems easy to reproduce on 3.1.8


My guess is that this is a side effect of the ANI display system that has been added to display DTMF ID numbers, and is interfering with the DMR ID operation.




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  1. EvO

    Hi Roger.
    Just last Sunday I happened to find this thing of the own call sign repeated while transmitting on a repeater and I thought it was a programming flaw of my GD-77 since I was doing some codeplug experiments.
    So that behavior should be normal, but honestly I never noticed it.
    Normally every time I transit on the repeater on the display of my GD-77 the name of the TG as I programmed it in the codeplug and its numeric ID code appears, not my DMR-ID.
    Since last January I have the Radioddity GD-77 only last Sunday I happened to find that thing you wrote.
    I have two GD-77s and the thing is the same for both.
    When I found the weirdness they both had the firmware 3.1.16.
    Rewriting the codeplug with another previous and definitely working I have not seen it anymore, however, beyond the firmware of the transceiver, I have the codeplug that has manifested the thing and I can reload it to see what happens with this new firmware v3.1.18.
    Last week while I had the transceiver with the codeplug that showed what you wrote by scanning I intercepted the satellite AO-85 (Fox-1A) on the 145.980MHz frequency that I received very well and about the scan, is it just me or while scanning is running can the green button on the keyboard switch between MHz and kHz?
    I’ve never heard it from anyone nor I’ve read it somewhere, but by while I am performing scanning by acting on the green button at the top left on the keyboard I can go from the channel’s step (for example 12.5kHz) to the MHz before the decimal point and vice versa.
    Thanks for your great work Roger, please keep it up!

  2. Roger Clark

    I’ve only started to noticed the DMR ID thing in 3.1.8, I’ll need to test 3.1.6 a bit more to confirm, but its hard to test as its unclear when / why the GD-77 decides to displays its own ID coming back from the repeater.

  3. Giuseppe Melone

    Hi Roger, often also depends on the repeater, I suggest you try another repeater too.
    Best regards.

    Giuseppe iz8aju

  4. Roger Clark


    The display problem only seems to affect some repeaters and hotspots. But it worked fine in 3.1.6 – so I think the change is a result of something Radioddity changed in firmware 3.1.8 to support DTFM ANI (Automatic Number Identification) which seems to be the DTMF equivalent of DMR ID


    Hello everyone I have my gd / 77 with firmware 3.1.6 I’m happy that it loads the database of two mananeras with the community cps and with active client, many friends of the forums tell me that it is better with active client.Tendre some problem to have charged them in two ways, if there was a problem tell me how I can make factory and load them properly. Greetings from a follower from Alicante / Spain

  6. Roger Clark

    Hi Esteban

    I do not understand what problem you have.

    Active Client is for DMR ID’s

    You can still use this with the Community CPS.

    The Community CPS also now has Active Client functions, but not exactly the same. You can download IDs from the internal ( and add multiple region / country ID prefix e.g. 505 is Australia
    But you can’t load a spreadsheet into the GD-77 DMR ID using the community CPS


    thanks for your careful and quick response but many friends say that to load the database I must do it with the combination of 3 fingers but with the cps I save it., also say colleagues that is better with the 3 fingers and not with the cps. That’s why my question


    I got a codeplug that I like a lot but when going to tax it to cps 3.1 I think it tells me that I must convert it. There is some utility for this to work in 3.1. The codeplug is from cps 3.06. Thank you

  9. Roger Clark

    For DMR ID , using the CPS or the Active Client, you must always use 3 fingers.

    I think this is because Radioddity added this feature after the release of the GD-77 and it is not part of the main functions.

    Radioddity do not seem to be a real a company, they are just a brand name, like Baofeng, and Tytera. All the radios are made by other companies (or perhaps just one hardware manufacturer) , and Radioddity/Baofeng/Tytera, do not have control of the manufacturing of the hardware or the software development.

    The GD-77 still has many bugs because Radioddity do not write the software and have to ask and pay for changes like bug fixes.

    DMR ID in the radio seems to be a hack added after the main software development was complete, and does not work correctly. It also does not store Name and Callsign, it can only store the Callsign.

    The manufacturer / software developers could fix this, but they don’t because it costs time and money to fix.


    is there any utility that allows you to adapt a codeplug of 3.06 to be able to record it with cps comunity 3.1? thank you Merry Christmas from Spain / Alicante


    Good happy navid, is a firmware failure or my codeplug is not properly configured. I explain the problem I’m listening to a repeater nearby, are talking, stop talking, I’m 1 meter or less that the coverage will be the same, the bars disappear signal so I stop listening I need to know if it is firmware problem 3.1.6 u is some bad configuration in my codeplug or walkie.Thank you for reading

  12. Roger Clark

    I recommend you contact a local ham radio operator with a working codeplug for your region and local repeaters

  13. Roger Clark

    Community CPS 3.1 will read and convert 3.06 codeplugs

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