Radioddity GD-77 CPS Enhanced channels export / import – Beta 2

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Doing some testing of my enhanced Channels export/import for the GD-77 Community CPS, I realised there was a problem if the same TG Id already existed in the codeplug, but was assigned a different name to the data in the CSV file.


This resulted in 2 contacts with the same ID being created, which although it seems to work, in that the channels are usable… I found that if either of the duplicate number contacts was opened, the CPS displayed a warning message and change the Id to the next available free Id number.


To resolve this problem, I’ve created a new Beta version (Beta 2) which can be downloaded from here


Which checks the Call Id number and confirms whether an existing contact with that Id exists, rather than checking for the contact Name.

If a contact with the same ID exists, then the channel uses the existing contact (and it will display with the existing contact Name)

If the ID does not exist a new contact will be created with the name in the CSV  (for the channel being imported).


If you already downloaded the previous Beta, please download this updated version and install it


Note. I updated the link in my previous post and removed the original file from my Google drive.



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  1. ken

    thank you

  2. Roger Clark

    No worries..


    I’ve had one issue reported to me by Colin G4EML, that if the channel name is purely numeric e.g. a frequency, then some spreadsheets e.g. Microsoft Excel, read the channel name as a number and remove trailing zeros after the decimal point.

    Colin’s codeplug exporter / importer resolves this issue by putting an apostrophe in front of of the channel name if starts with a number, and then removes the apostrophe when it imports the channel (if one is present)

    I’ll probably need to implement a similar system. So there will be a Beta 3 in a few days with this fix in it

  3. EvO

    Thanks a lot Roger!
    I’m testing the thing and until now it works like a charms, no problem at all.
    Terrific perfection!
    About the “apostrophe” matter, that is just what I wrote the past 03/04/2018:

    Thanks for your great work Roger, please keep it up!

  4. Roger Clark


    I had hoped that the CPS’s CSV processing would handle this, but it doesn’t 🙁

    So I’ll need to fix that as well

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