Radioddity GD-77 CPS – Allow deletion of first Zone, Rx Group and Channel etc

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While working on the enhanced Channels export and Import feature I noticed that its not possible manually delete the first Channel, or the first Zone of the first Rx Group etc.

But the Channels import feature used to remove all Channels before importing.


Doing some further testing, I found that it appears to be possible to delete all Zones , and Rx Groups etc, prior to importing, with no apparent problems.

Not being able to delete the first Zone or Rx Group etc and not having the ability to re-order the Rx Groups, means you get stuck with a Rx Group you may not want.


So I’ve now decided to investigate why the CPS does not allow the deletion of the first Channel etc.


I modified the CPS to delete all Zones and Rx Groups and even all Channels and uploaded / wrote the codeplug to my GD-77 and it doesn’t seem to cause any serious problems.

The GD-77 just displays “Ch Empty” for all Zones if all channels are deleted, and even if all the Zones are deleted, the GD-77 still seems to display the Zone name of the first zone it had in memory prior to the Zones being removed.


When I tried to transmit on a Channel that was displaying “Ch Empty”, the GD-77 just displays a message , something like “Freq Error” and doesn’t transmit.

So I can’t see any serious interference problems being caused by having empty channels.

Actually empty channels in a Zone are possible even without modifying the CPS, anyone can try this, simply by making a new Zone and not adding any Channels to it, then upload to the GD-77 can select that Zone.


Anyway, my current thoughts are that I should try allowing the deletion of the first Channel, Rx Group or Zone etc, but I will need to do some more testing, to see if these have worse side effects than deleting all the Zones etc.


I’ll hopefully produce a Beta 3 version, in the next day or two, which allows these deletions and put that on my Google drive, so that perhaps other people can do some experiments and let me know whether there are any problems.


And I’ll do another post with that version…

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  1. Wilhelm Onken, DG4WO

    I always hated this requirement for a first Zone, RX Group and Channel. It would be great to get rid of it…

  2. Roger Clark

    I’m researching the side effects of allowing the deletion of the first item in every section.

    Currently something strange is happening when I delete all Zones and then import all my channels again

    I’m sure it will be fixable, but I’ll need to do some more investigating about why this is happening.

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