Radioddity GD-77 CPS 3.1.1 officially released

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Radioddity seem to have officially released 3.1.1 of the CPS and firmware as its not their download page


Looking at the “Update diary” document in the download, this version seems very little different from the 3.1.0 beta that I saw several weeks ago.

However its possible that they have not updated their “Update diary” document.


Creating a modified version of the CPS to support the changes in 3.1.1, should be fairly straight forward, but I think adding the ability to update from CPS 2.0.5 (aka 3.0.6) to 3.1.1 is essential


Colin G4ELM has already sent me code to convert Rx Group Lists from version 3.1.0 Beta to version 3.0.6 so I’m hoping to be able to use his code in reverse to convert from codeplug 3.0.6 data.


Other new features like DMR ID in the CPS will need to wait until I’ve got 3.1.1 in the bag.


I’ll post an update here when I have more news

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  1. ken

    it still overwrites the cps to 205 directory, good luck, I wont update mine just yet 🙂

  2. Roger Clark


    I noticed that with 3.1.0 beta.
    It was overwriting the same folder and the old official CPS version 2.0.5 DMR.exe, which I think was not a good idea by Radioddity.

    I’m not even sure it gives the option of where to install, so the only option is probably to make a copy of the existing CPS before you install their new version.

    From what I’ve heard the pre-release versions of 3.1.1 still had the problem of turning the power to zero if the GD-77 did a factor reset, but I’m not sure if perhaps this final release of 3.1.1 has fixed that.

    I think the more adventurous users will give it a try and we’ll start to see the bug reports soon 😉

  3. Douglas

    Good day to All, ill have a look later today which bugs I find. However am not really anxious to report mistakes on every update that comes out.
    It would be nice if there was export function for zones, scanlists and rx-groups.
    Every update means rebuilding the codeplug and when you have 70 zones and 32 scanlists it takes hours to rearrange structure.

    So maybe lucky this time…

  4. Tony

    I’m going to give 3.1.1 a try shortly. I hope that the option to set the power level to a user defined (very very low) will be possible Roger…. I am unable to use my GD77 on its own aerial as I interfere with various bits of equipment in the shack all the time, it must be the pulsing of RF on DMR that is doing it. Very irritating as my hotspot is also in the shack and that causes no problems. A 10mW output from the handie would cure all the issues here for sure. Hope it can be implemented at some point. Thanks for all the hard work you are doing Roger, it really is appreciated. Regards, Tony 🙂

  5. Hugo

    Hi Roger,

    The new CPS, when using a ”Code Plug” made in 3.06, does not transfer the old ”RX List” well. In fact, it is totally unusable.
    I have 11 ”RX List” and only the first is compliant.

    I will stay in 3.0.6 until this is fixed.


  6. Douglas

    So now i have updated to 3.1.1

    not solved:
    Colourcode Tx Admit Critiria
    Long QSO´s using Group Call over manual dial (only private call) or using Menu ->Contact (one touch call)
    Still not possible to export scanlists / zones / rx-groups /
    Still not possible to add rx/ tx-group when adding channel

    Solved issues:
    Keyboard fixed in contact adding
    add contacts to end of contactlist
    32 contacts in rx-group (must be rebuilt and in every digital channel this must be rearranged)
    32 scans in scanlist (was took over from commuinity cps)
    active client for database works again

    still checking as i go, been at this now for 2 hours, still sorting out my scanlists 🙁

  7. Roger Clark

    Hi Douglas

    @lion at Radioddity pointed out a bug in my version where pressing enter on the Emergency system (also the Rx Group List) causes a crash, so I have fixed that and will release a new installer soon.

    Can you explain

    Keyboard fixed in contact adding


    Add contacts to end of contactlist

    As I think I need to fix them in my version



  8. Roger Clark

    Hi Hugo

    Colin G4EML is investigating how we can add this into a new version of the Community CPS.

    I’ll copy the CPS 3.0.6 files later today and start a new version, and then Colin may be able to do his magic and add an automatic Rx Group List converter

  9. Roger Clark


    I don’t think there are any new features in 3.1.1 apart form the Scan Time delay
    (The other change is just a re-organisation of the Rx Group lists)

    However I’ll send you an email as there is some work being done by Jason VK7ZJA which I think may help you.

  10. Roger Clark


    I got a bounce while trying to email you 🙁

  11. Roger Clark


    I agree.

    I wasted lots of time on 3.1.0 only to find it was a Beta.

    Its hard to say whether they may release 3.1.2 etc soon, if there are any major bugs.

    For most people there is little to gain by moving to 3.1.1

  12. Roger Clark


    I am not sure if this is what you mean, but I compared 3.1.1 with 2.0.5 and if I remove a contact from the middle of the list and then add a contact, in 2.0.5 the contacts are not compacted, so the new contact is added in the location where the old contact was removed.
    But in 3.1.1 its added at the end.

    I think they probably added a function, like I did for Zones, to compact the Contacts data and removed gaps.

    But I’ll need to check what they did, and then I will make the same change to my version 3.0.6

  13. Jason

    While in general I’m an advocate of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – in this case, I do think there is value in people updating to 3.1.1. There’s quite a number of bug fixes in there. Granted, it’s not earth-shattering stuff, and while the Big Three Issues (admit criteria for colour code free / talk permit tone / RX Group List doesn’t behave like most other DMR radios) have not been fixed, a lot of other problems have been, including the notorious ‘unattended TX in analogue VFO mode’ problem. Here’s what I have found to have been fixed:

    Top panel LED in DMR mode
    FIXED IN 3.1.1
    While scanning a DMR mode channel, the green LED goes off when a new DMR ID begins transmitting if the RF carrier signal does not drop in between the two DMR ID transmissions. Once RF carrier signal disappears, the green LED operation returns to normal again. This problem is only apparent while scanning, if sitting on a DMR channel and not scanning, LED operation is normal.

    Scan channels above 256th channel
    FIXED IN 3.1.1
    In the CPS, you can’t enter a channel into a scan list if it is the 256th or above channel. Confirmed this is an issue with the way the CPS generates data for the codeplug.

    Viewing scan channels by radio menu for channels above 256
    FIXED IN 3.1.1
    When using the radio menu to view scan channels in a scan list, any channels above 256 show as blank or corrupted. This is a firmware issue.

    Contact above the 256th contact can’t be entered to a channel
    FIXED IN 3.1.1
    In the CPS, you can’t enter a Contact into a DMR channel if it is the 256th or above contact. Confirmed this is an issue with the way the CPS generates data for the codeplug.

    When transmitting on a DMR channel with a contact above 256, the radio will place that call to the wrong contact. This is a firmware issue.
    FIXED IN 3.1.1

    VFO search (scan) can only be activated by a button assigned with scan function.
    FIXED IN 3.1.1
    Activating scan in VFO mode by using menu results in error “Scan InValid”

    Scan while in single wait mode
    FIXED IN 3.1.1
    When in single wait mode, if an active signal is found while memory scanning, audio is received, but display shows the default TX channel not the actual channel scan has stopped upon.

    VFO mode frequency stuck.
    FIXED IN 3.1.1
    Start on VFO with DMR mode. Go into radio set menu and change channel type to analogue. RX is now stuck on the displayed frequency. Can tune VFO, enter a new frequency or initiate a search (scan) and it appears to operate as normal, but RX is stuck on the original frequency. Resolved by switching back to memory mode and then back to VFO again – Receiver resumes normal operation.

    Promiscuous / monitor mode displays every talkgroup received as all call.
    FIXED IN 3.1.1
    When in promiscuous / monitor mode for DMR calls, the radio displays any received DMR talkgroup as All Call, and not the actual DMR talkgroup being used. Promiscuous mode should display the actual DMR talkgroup being received, as it was doing in 3.0.6 and previous versions.

    Upper case text entry from keypad is incorrect
    FIXED IN 3.1.1
    When entering text from the radio keypad for SMS, channel name, contact name etc. lower case text entry is OK, but upper case letters (capital / big letters) do not match with the keypad buttons. For example, pressing 2 should give A, B or C. But instead it gives D, E or F.

    Unable to connect in ActiveClient mode for DMR ID updating
    FIXED IN 3.1.1
    It appears as if the GD-77 does not go into ActiveClient mode for DMR ID updating when pressing keys SK2 + menu + #. Radio responds to ActiveClient as if it were writing codeplug CPS data.

    And I’m certain much of your work via the Community Edition CPS has inspired – if not more directly contributed! – to these bug fixes. I can see the GD-77 approaching a state of maturity now, just a few more fixes and a few more new features will really cap it off.

  14. Roger Clark

    Thanks Jason

    I just need to tease out any undocumented changes in CPS 3.1.1 and put them into my CPS, and also have a way to import 2.0.5 (3.0.6) codeplugs, them I can get on with adding the DMR ID etc into the CPS

  15. Douglas

    Very nice repot Jason, thank you for your efforts.

    Radioditty are going in the right direction now.
    Only thing which annoys me is that the NF going to speaker is not loud enough, after being turned down since 2.6.6
    In a loud enviroment, “such as a passing car or traveling in a car” the radio is not loud enough!
    which would cause people to go for other radios. My PD365 ist three times louder

    73 Douglas

  16. ken

    waiting before updating, thanks for all your hard work

  17. Savo Luzar

    Hi Roger,

    Many thaks for all your effor on those CPS editions. My question is related to the Zones, it is possible to add more that 16 channels to one zone, let say 32, because this will reduce a number of zones in GD-77?

  18. Roger Clark

    Unfortunately, this would require a change to the firmware, and its not possible to do this at the moment.
    The firmware in the GD-77 is read protected at the hardware level and the update files use some custom form of encryption.

  19. Anonymous

    Setting the power to more that min e max will be a good idea, a third step of 5 or 10 mW when at home connected at personal hotspot will be a right choice.
    Don’t ?

  20. EvO

    About the possibility to have up 32 channels for each single zone, Am I wrong or that should it already be so since 3.1.0/3.1.1/3.1.2?

    1:RX Group List – Contact 16 → Contact 32
    2:RX Group List 128→ 76
    3:ADD Scan Time Setting
    4:VFO Bug Repair

  21. Roger Clark

    We are working on a work-around for the low power requirement of some people

  22. Hugo

    The best setting is: 100mw, 1w, 2.5w and 5w

  23. Roger Clark

    Its not possible to add more power setting bands, but it looks probable that we can perhaps change low power to 100mW and leave high power at 5W

    In fact High power can be set to about 10W but would damage the PA unless you add water cooling 😉

    However at the moment we can only make these changes by directly connecting inside the radio via a programmer device

  24. Lorenzo Brunasso

    Hi Roger
    in VFO mode CC not change, when you read CPS its correct bat the radio dont receive the new CC

  25. Roger Clark

    I don’t understand the problem

    Can you explain in more detail

  26. Lorenzo Brunasso

    VFO A frequency 430.6875 CC 1 TG xx all in memory work ok , i need change frequency 430.800 and CC 4 manual mode from KB, frequency change ok CC apcept change bat when i check CC its the same old 1 in memory … and radio not work … i read by CSP in memory VFO A the CC store its 4 , the problem its for VFO A and B

    73 Lorenzo

  27. Roger Clark

    I don’t know the answer

    Perhaps someone else can comment ?

  28. Brandon Cooper

    I have a bit of a problem with Version 3.1.1. It’s not major and maybe I’m just being too particular, but when I manually activate the scan function, the radio now flashes through all the channel names being scanned, whereas before it would display only the channel name selected and scan in the background. Does anyone else have this problem and is there a way to fix it?

  29. Roger Clark

    Sounds like a firmware problem.

  30. Lorenzo Brunasso

    HI Roger
    my problem CC its correct on rel. 3.1.1

  31. Roger Clark


  32. Anonymous

    since the 3.1.1 update I have no sound is normal?

  33. Roger Clark

    Firmware 3.1.1 ??

    No thats not normal. Most people who upgraded to 3.1.1 or even 3.1.2 have not reported any issues with audio

  34. ken

    no issues here on 3.12, provided the ‘code plug’ is done correctly

  35. Anonymous

    3.1.2 is more stable? and where i can find it please

  36. Anonymous

    and I solved my problem the band was set to narrow and not broadband now I have audio 🙂

  37. Roger Clark

    3.1.2 is not an official release
    I think it was posted on some Facebook groups, but they may be private ones (in Germany)

    We don’t know what changed in 3.1.2. All Radioddity would tell me was that it contained a “bug fix”, but would not tell me what that was.

    It is not more stable than 3.1.1 so IMHO its not worth updating.

  38. ken

    using 3.1.2 here 🙂

  39. Roger Clark

    Me too… But I can’t notice anything different from 3.1.1, and I know some people attributed various problems they had, to possibly using 3.1.2
    Hence I don’t think there is any overriding need to find this Beta version and install it

  40. ken

    I haven’t either, however, I had already done the mod regarding the strange ‘tx’ in VFO mode and other little adjustments before I upgraded to 3.1.2, so without radioddity’s input we will be none the wiser