Personal Wiki with HTML Export has been approved into the App Store.

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The new version of Personal Wiki which includes HTML Export has been approved into the App Store.

This release also includes some bug fixes and enhancements.

  • Page should correctly scroll to location of first tap as keyboard is opened – when entering edit mode.
  • On new pages, the “Type some text about…” message, is automatically removed when the screen is tapped to enter edit mode.
  • More validation was added to the Wiki name, so that wiki’s called just white space characters are no longer allowed.
  • Crash bug, when opening Pages popup (only every found in Apple’s testing), has been fixed.

Personal Wiki is still free to download, at the current time, and don’t have any plans to charge or include adverts, because of the large amount additional tax paperwork that is required in Australia (by Apple), to produce paid apps, (or apps that get revenue from adverts).