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Update: November 2017


Because of the latest changes by Apple in iOS 11, most of my apps no longer work.

My apps have always been free, and I do not have the time or enthusiasm and even the require Mac hardware needed to modify what were fully working apps until iOS 11.

So I’ve taken the decision to remove them all from the App store and its unlikely that I will be writing more Apple only Apps using XCode.




My latest App, called Personal Wiki is now in the iTunes App Store

Personal Wiki lets you create your own Wiki’s and store them in your iPad.

Its a great way to capture your thoughts and ideas digitally, store information, and mange information.

You can dump thoughts, connect thoughts, and track your thoughts…

Catch everything that buzzes round your head when you take on a big project, like moving house, planning a celebration, or researching your next holiday.

Use it as a personal knowledge database. How do I change a car tyre again? What is the name of the book my friend just recommended? What was that great idea I had for a novel?

Your Personal Wiki files are stored inside the iPad, so you can access them any time, even if you are offline (with some limitations).

On your Wiki pages you can :
• Type text
• Link from text to make new pages by selecting the text and tapping the link button
• Navigate from page to page by touching the Pages button and selecting from the drop down menu
• Link from text to existing pages you’ve already created
• Paste text and photos from other apps, e.g. Safari
• Make links to external websites by typing in the web address, e.g.
• Change the text size and style
• Change paragraph alignment and formatting
• Insert lists
• Insert section dividers
• Insert photos, in four sizes: thumbnail, small, medium and large

Technical details:

Wiki pages are displayed and edited using the UIWebView component.

The main screen, “My Wiki” uses AQGridView to display the cells.

The file type tw1 (for Personal Wiki, format 1) is registered by the App, so that incoming files from either an email or downloaded from the web are directed to the App, which then imports the file.

11 Responses

  1. Anand Betanabhotla

    Fabulous app. Trying to write a java course book and wish:
    The app was mature (it behaves oddly sometimes)
    The content can be exported as a web archive file.
    , zip, mht etc.

    Thx for the app all the same. Any plans for updates?


  2. Roger Clark

    Thanks Anand,

    I’ll add Export as Zip to the wish list for the app.

    Technically, the internal representation of the pages is HTML, however the Apple (UIWebView) framework that I’m using adds a lot of messy HTML when a page is edited, so I’d probably need to “clean” the HTML before it could be exported.

    If you have any specific other bugs, please let me know.
    I’m aware that there is an intermittent issue where the page scrolls to the bottom, on the first touch/tap on a page, but it doesn’t seem to happen all the time so its been hard to bug fix.


  3. Anand Betanabhotla

    Thank you, Roger, for your response.
    Bugs? Nope, haven’t got any. Nothing so far.
    My biggest worry is I might lose the content, so I keep emailing the wiki to myself. iCloud or Dropbox support would improve the situation.
    About export, you already addressed it.
    A file system, where I could save images.
    An extra keyboard row to add stuff like a list, table etc.. Would make it immensely useful. I currently do it in another app and copy-paste.

  4. Roger Clark


    Thanks for your comment.

    I’ll make the Export feature the top priority.
    The main issue however is that the HTML generated by the editor is not very clean, as it uses Apple HTML internal functions to handle the editing (UIWebView), so some processing would need to be done before the files can be exported.

    I’m not sure how important that “clean” HTML is to you?



  5. Anand Betanabhotla


    For any practical use outside of ipad & Mac, ‘clean’ HTML is definitely a requirement. Hope you will add the other suggestions to the wish list.


  6. Roger Clark

    The App was not written with HTML export in mind, so perhaps iCloud or dropbox would be a better solution to backing up and restoring wiki’s.

    I’ll investigate these options.



  7. Anand Betanabhotla

    A web archive export like .mht or some other would be possible? I suppose the question of ‘clean’ HTML would preclude that possibility?

    I wish there was a way to export and run it in any browser.


  8. Jeremy

    Love the app 🙂 I also need an export – the pw1 file that is emailed, it there a way to “decode” it? happy to bung up some python or whatever if needed, just don’t know where to start !

  9. Roger Clark

    Hi Jeremy,

    The internal storage of the files in the wiki is HTML, but some of Apple’s rules prevent me from importing HTML pages containing JavaScript. Hence the PW1 archives have some basic encryption in them to prevent people making HTML files containing JavaScript and then emailing them to as PersonalWiki files.
    Apple would remove my App from the store if it allowed people to load HTML files to internal storage as they view it as a security risk.

    I could implement an Export only to Zipped HTML, however as I said to Anand, the problem is that the App uses Apple’s web editor framework (UIWebView) as its underlying component, and UIWebView adds lots of Apple specific HTML code onto the pages.

    It’s similar to the way that Microsoft Word, HTML exports contain lots of MS specific HTML markup.

    I think the pages themselves should still display OK on most web browsers, but I’ve not tested them on anything other than a Mac.

    If you are not too concerned about the internals of the HTML and are just happy to be able to export HTML pages that display OK on PCs and Mac’s etc, then I think it would be possible for me to add this feature.

  10. Jeremy

    Thanks! It s free app, so I can not complain 🙂 HTML export in any form would be great.

  11. Roger Clark

    Hi Jeremy,

    I’ve taken a look at the underlying HTML and on the whole it doesn’t look too bad.

    I’ve done some work on HTML export this morning, and I’ll let you know how successful it is.