ActionScript 2 variable scoping in CS4 / FP10

Over the last month I’ve been working on a legacy project which was written in ActionScript 2 and is published as an EXE using MDM Zinc (2.5). ActionScript 2 has always been fairly poor at variable scoping, the code I was working with did some questionable things with variable scoping, For Example if (a==b) { var the Frame=2; } else { var theFrame=3; } mc_animation.gotoAndStop(theFrame);if (a==b) { var the Frame=2; } else { var … Read More

Unity3D and Flash integration – Part 1
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Unity3D is a excellent 3D games development system, but lacks the ability to leverage existing Flash based content. This article describes my work so far, to enable Flash and Unity3D content to be used together.

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