Australian Postcode database

In a previous posting, I demonstrated some code which used with the auto completion “app” on the Australia Post website to verify or validate a postcode “locality” and “state”. I also outlined why this approach should not be used for anything which requires a reliable solution.

VirtueMart ‘Australia Post Shipping Module’ problems
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VrtueMart the Joomla eCommerce component comes with an “Australia Post Shipping Module” which calculates the shipping costs using Australia post. I contacted Australia Post this morning to find out the status of the “web service” that the shipping module uses, namely the “Delivery Rate Calculator“, and was told that this service was not supported by Australia Post.

Australian Postcode Validation using the AusPost website

I’m currently working on an ecommerce site that needs strong validation of post code and address, so that the Australia Post postage costs can be accurately calculated and passed on to the customer. One interesting method to do this can be to use the auto completion “app” on the AusPost website. For Example the following url lists all areas in the 2345 postcode

VirtueMart language text string changes

Quite often while building eCommerce sites using VirtueMart, I’ve found it necessary to change text strings located in the core section of VirtueMart. For Example  in administrator/com_virtuemart/languages/common/english.php This has always been a concern to me, as I’d prefer to limit all changes to one defined area i.e. the specific VirtueMart theme that I’m working on, as it makes updating the “live” site easier, and limits the possibility of introducing bugs which could occur by … Read More

ActionScript 2 variable scoping in CS4 / FP10

Over the last month I’ve been working on a legacy project which was written in ActionScript 2 and is published as an EXE using MDM Zinc (2.5). ActionScript 2 has always been fairly poor at variable scoping, the code I was working with did some questionable things with variable scoping, For Example if (a==b) { var the Frame=2; } else { var theFrame=3; } mc_animation.gotoAndStop(theFrame);if (a==b) { var the Frame=2; } else { var … Read More

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