OpenSCAD and STL files for camp stove knob

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Yet another OpenSCAD model. This time its a replacement knob for a camp stove.

Camp stove knob

The spindle one stove is around 6.4mm dia, with a flat.

I tweaked the design to get the knob to fit snugly onto the spindle, but doing about 4 test prints, until I got the size just right. But rather than printing the knob at full height, I only printed the first 5mm. I also commended out the splines on the outside while doing test prints, and reduced the diameter a bit, to speed up printing.

Then when the centre fitted well, I uncommented the code and printed the full version.


Camp stove knob STL

Camp stove knob OpenSCAD

stove_knob_photo_1 stove_knob_photo_2