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OpenGD77 User Guide  (Alpha version) is now available as a PDF file for download

Thanks to Alister G0NEF for getting the ball rolling by creating the first draft, which has now been extensively reworked to produce the Alpha version.


Please note.
Since I took the photos, for the User Guide a few days ago, the TimeSlot number and Colour Code number have now been added to the main display and all the photos are now out of date. However I don’t currently have time to re-photo all the screens to show the very latest features on the display.

Also. The User Guide does not cover Hotspot mode yet.


The User Guide can be downloaded from this link



Just a reminder about the OpenGD77 project in general

  1. This is a non-commercial project.
    I’ve noticed some companies are now offering the OpenGD77 firmware as a $25 additional charge when buying the GD-77, and people may get the impression that this is a commercial software and comes with support and guarantees, which of course its does not; because its experimental open source software with a non-commercial license.Commercial companies profiting from volunteer work is likely to cause the project development to go underground and updates will no longer be available to everyone.
  2. The firmware is still highly experimental.
    You use it at your own risk, especially Hotspot mode, where the radio should not be left unattended for long period of time.
  3. The firmware does not do everything which the official firmware does
    It currently only supports Tier 1 DMR, so won’t work with duplex hotspots or repeaters, only simplex hotpots and simplex QSO’s.
    It does not support SMS messaging.
    It does not support the Digital Contacts, except for their use as TalkGroups
  4. Its open source
    You are free to download and modify it to suit your own needs, but I can’t provide any support either to help customizing the software for your own needs, or necessarily to fix any bugs you may encounter.


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  1. ken


  2. Rick

    Eagerly looking forward to the release. Thanks!

  3. Rocky

    installed the two driver files correctly. OpenGD77 appears in windows resource management. I connect the cable to the radio. I try to read on the radio and DEVICE NOT FOUND appears. Problem Tested with two windows 8.1 computers

  4. Roger Clark

    The normal buttons don’t work, did you use the screens in the Extras menu ?

  5. Rocky

    Dear Roger,
    No from the extra menu. I opened the CPS and tried to read the codeplug in the radio. What should I do. You can explain it to me. Thanks


    deu erro 404, nao consegui baixar, e parabens pelo trabalho

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