OpenGD77 Update Sunday 3rd November

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I am continuing to update the OpenGD77 and a have made structural changes to both the firmware source code as well as moving moving the Tier 2 development files into the “master” branch of my GitHub repository.

As I am no longer actively updating the Tier 1 version of the OpenGD77 firmware, I’ve made some changes to my GitHub repository to reflect this.

I’ve made a separate “branch” in the repo in case I need to do any bug fixes on the Tier 1 version
But I changes to the Tier1 version will be limited to only fixing crash bugs, and the Tier1 version will not be getting any of the new features I’m adding to the Tier 2 version

To download the latest build of the Tier 2 version, use this link

This version, will not have been extensively tested, but I will endeavor to update date the link if any serious problems are reported to me.

Note. The old link in my previous posts, which was to the Tier2 branch of the repository will no longer be updated.

I’ve also made some structural changes to the source code, and renamed the “menu” folder to “user_interface” to more accurately reflect the purpose of the files in that folder, and the VFO and Channel screen source code files have been renamed to start with “ui” rather than “menu” as these screens are not accessed via the menu’s, but are the primary user interface screens for the radio.

I have also been trying to investigate the DMR signal dropout problem which has been reported to me by 2 people, however at the moment I have not been able to replicate it on any of my radios.
I’ve looked at the calibration data which has been set to me by F6GVE, but his radio does not seen to have any calibration settings which look a lot different from my radios, so the problem does not seem to relate to calibration, unless perhaps the calibration of these radios is somehow incorrect.

I’m waiting for someone local to me in Melbourne to have this problem as it will allow me to see hands what the problem is, and possibly try some solutions.

I also plan to update the CPS so that it is able to read and possibly write the Calibration data from the OpenGD77 firmware, but I am running out of time today (Sunday) as its already lunchtime and I have loads of other non-GD77 things I should be getting on with πŸ˜‰

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  1. Ingo Buennemeyer

    Hi Roger, thanks again for ur great work πŸ™‚

    But for some reason the Callsigns are not displayed anymore. Only the IDs are displayed, also in the last heard list there are only IDs but no callsigns. I upgraded to the “latest” version of OpenGD77 and then I updated the DMRID-database via the latest Community Edition. After that, the issue appeared. I downgraded to an older version of OpenGD77, but the issue remains. I also downgraded to the latest official firmware, updated the DMRID database via the Community Edition tool and updated again to the latest OpenGD77-firmware. But still no callsigns are displayed, only IDs. What am I doing wrong?

    greetings from Germany!

    Vy73 de Ingo, DB4BIN

  2. Roger Clark


    OK. Perhaps I broke something in the CPS.

    I’ll double check.

    BTW. I was about to release a new version of the CPS which can read / edit / write the calibration data, but its going to take me another few hours before its finished.

    I’ll post again later today when hopefully I’ve fixed the bug and that the Calibration editor is working.

  3. Roger Clark


    I broke something in the DMR ID when I changed the CPS to combine the OpenGD77 button with the button to upload the to the official.

    Download and install the previous version
    I just tested that version and it seems to work OK

  4. Ingo Buennemeyer

    WOW that was really quick, incredible πŸ™‚ Thank you so much, calls are displayed again πŸ™‚ Very nice.

    Vy73 de Ingo, DB4BIN

  5. ken

    updated, so far so good, I do miss having two channels on screen but if it means a better working radio, i can live with that :). thanks Roger

  6. Roger Clark

    Do you mean Dual Watch?

    Do you mean you monitor 2 different repeaters at the same time, or both TS on the same repeater ?

  7. Ken, M1DYP

    hi Roger, I used to have two channels displayed on the stock firmware, top was my dmr hotspot, bottom was a local 2m gateway. and it would monitor both. hope that helps.

  8. Fabio

    Hi Roger, thanks for the great job you are doing. I’ve been testing the firmware for a couple of days and it seems to be working fine.
    I found a problem, I saw that when the repeater transmits the signal (I don’t know if it is the beacon or other internal signals, but not during the QSOs etc.) the radio display continues to turn on and then goes off. This he does all the time. then in standby the radio display flashes every few seconds. This does not happen in the original firmware. the display turns on only when a real call passes. I hope I explained well the problem, my English is not the best πŸ˜‰
    Thanks again, 73 de IU4LEG Fabio

  9. Roger Clark

    My local repeaters do not do this.

    Do you know if is possible to configure a hotspot to do this, so I can see the problem.

  10. Roger Clark


    I’ll need to add Dual or even Multi watch to the To Do list

    I wonder is Zone watch, would be a useful feature, I’d need to investigate the minimum time that the radio needs to listen on a specific frequency to detect a signal.

    Possibly 60mS, but that would probably take too long to monitor all 16 channels in a Zone.
    The other possibility is to combine it with a scan group.

    For monitoring both TS on the same frequency would probably need to be part of the Monitor mode selection, which needs to added sooner or later

  11. awasser1

    I just use BM selfcare and put three tg’s in. works pretty good. I dont talk much though Alec N1AJW

  12. Ken, M1DYP

    thanks roger, because I use a dv mega hotspot, no repeaters near me, I like to monitor the local analogue gateway too, so at present i am using two radios, not a big issue for me,

  13. Roger Clark

    I’m working out the best approach for this, without worrying about the official functionality.

    It looks like the Dual Watch is a special case of the Scanning functionality, and official firmware scanning function is not ideal either.

    So I think this all needs a redesign πŸ˜‰

  14. Ken, M1DYP

    Hi Roger, thanks for your thoughts. its a nice to have option, not a necessity.

  15. Davide

    Hi Roger
    thanks for the great job .. i’ve been using the open spot mode for a month without significant problems , version 0.0.6 , is there a newer version available for it ?
    thanks again

  16. Roger Clark

    I don’t recognise that version number for the OpenGD77 firmware.

    There are 2 current versions.

    The old Tier 1 version which development is no longer active.

    And the Tier 2 version which is not as stable but has all the latest features, but may has some bugs

  17. Davide

    thanks Roger
    OpenGD77 : v0.0.6 is what i see into pi-star radio info FW box
    thanks again

  18. Roger Clark

    In that case.

    There are no newer version.

    The Tier 2 version does not support Hotspot mode at the moment.

  19. Janusz - SO5AJG

    I understand that as the hotspot firmware will be able to work on slot2, after disabling the hotspot you will be able to immediately work the radio as a two-slot radio without having to change the firmware each time and it would be very convenient.

  20. Fabio

    Roger Clark04/11/2019 |
    My local repeaters do not do this.

    Do you know if is possible to configure a hotspot to do this, so I can see the problem.

    Roger, i dont know the way to configure a hotspot to do this, but, if you want i can send you a videoclip so you can see the problem.
    All the Italian repeaters occasionally send a short signal (I think a service signal). The problem occurs when the repeater queue falls and the radio display lights up for the duration set by the menu. This happens about every 20 seconds.
    let me know if i can do it, and if yes, where to send the videoclip.
    Thank you again Roger, have a nice day.

  21. Roger Clark

    Several other people have a similar problem, but the cause appears to be something in the calibration of the radio.

    I think it is possible that the problem is not the data from the repeater.

    I am working to fix this problem.

  22. Fabio

    thank you Roger for your prompt reply. I’ll let you know if I find other problems while using the radio. 73 DE IU4LEG

  23. Hans

    I tried the new firmware, it looks great. However, I believe, I am doing something very wrong. Neither can I get dual-mode activated, nor found I any way, to define the keys (blue key sk1, sk2 and so on).

    For settings I am using OpenGD77CPS version 3.1.X. Is there another version needed for configuration changes?

    Please apologize my wondering, maybe I missed something in the descriptions of the OpenGD77firmware. If so, please point me to it.

    But all in all: the new firmware is very cool and I am mostly impressed, that such thing can be done by so few people – or better said, one.

    Thanks Roger (and your friends)



  24. Roger Clark

    The firmware is not a direct copy of the official firmware, it’s also only at Alpha stage of development.
    Not all features in the official version are in this firmware, and may never be in it as that firmware was designed for commercial users.

    Please reload the official firmware if you need features this firmware does not have

  25. Uli

    Thanks for your great work.
    Is there a 1750 Hz tone option for opening fm analog relais (no dtmf) – as in the orginal firmware ?

  26. Roger Clark

    1750Hz has just been added and is accessed by pressing the Blue button during FM Tx.

    I will release a new version in the next hour which has this feature

    Re: DTMF
    Many other people also requested DTMF, so it will be added soon. Perhaps at the weekend

  27. Roger Clark

    Try downloading the Tier2Latest version now.

  28. Uli DO9EA

    Ok, i ask it & found the solution while testing:
    1750 Hz tone for analog fm repeater:
    PTT + blue button

  29. Roger Clark

    See page 22 of the User Guide πŸ˜‰

  30. Uli DO9EA

    oh, sorry crosspost πŸ™‚

  31. Roger Clark

    No worries….

  32. luc83

    When using an official firmware the GD77 RX audio is frequently muted when listening via a repeater or on hotspot. This is because of the extra infos such as talker alias and GPS. To avoid this it is necessary to check “embeded LC only” in pistar.
    When using the openGD77 firmware there is not such a problem, It’s a good thing to take advantage of the advanced features implemented by Roger

  33. Roger Clark

    Talker Alias data is supported.

    But at the moment SMS is not supported.

  34. Philip (ZL3GP)

    Just installed the firmware in my GD77. Works great. Very impressed. Works like a ‘ham’ radio now. πŸ™‚ Thanks very much.

  35. SV3IBF Kostas

    Just installed the latest (Nov 14) Tier2 firmware in my GD77 and I am missing the Utilities menu. Is this a general bug or my fault?

    Thanks for your great work

  36. Roger Clark

    It’s renamed to Options

  37. SV3IBF Kostas

    Hi Roger thanks for the prompt reply.
    My problem is that in the Options menu I cannot find the power adjustment. It looks that is missing…


  38. Roger Clark

    It’s now on the main screen.

    function + right and Function + left

    It’s all documented in the User guide

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