OpenGD77 Hotspot testers needed

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I have now integrated the Hotspot functionality from the Tier 1 version of the OpenGD77 firmware, into the Tier2 version, and I am looking for responsible beta testers.

I’ve been running the one of my GD-77’s in hotspot mode all day on BM TG91, which is normally quite active, and so far its working OK with no lockups etc

However at the moment I don’t think I’m confident enough that the firmware won’t crash and lock the radio while transmitting, so I do not leave it unattended and I also only have the power set to 250mW, so that even if it did lock while transmitting, it would probably not do any harm to the radio.

One other thing to note is that although the firmware operates in Tier2 mode, the radio only contains one transceiver unit, and hence does NOT operate as either a full repeater or even a duplex hotspot when in hotspot mode.
It only operates as a simple hotspot, like it did in the Tier 1 firmware.

In the longer term, it will probably be possible to make the radio operate as a single frequency repeater, where it listens on TS1 and transmits on TS2, but I will not be able to start work on SRF mode until all the major Tier2 bugs are fixed.

Anyway. If you are interested in testing the Hotspot mode in the Tier2 firmware. Please post a comment leaving you email address and I will try to email you the pre-release version

I’ve tested with BlueDV (BlueDV-9558) on the PC and it worked fine.

I’m not sure about the App versions of BlueDV. But I don’t have time to put a lot of effort into BlueDV as my main focus is PiStar and MMDVMHost on Linux or PC

Another update

There seems to be an issue where the radio (hotspot) is not receiving sometimes.

If you turn it on and it works, it continues to work, but if you turn it on and it doesnt work, try another the freq band e.g try 2m instead of 70 cm and vice versa

At the moment I’m not sure whats causing this

Yet another update.

I can’t replicate the Rx failure bug, however I did see some possible problems in the code, if anyone has set a different Tx and Rx offset value in the expert settings.

Under these conditions the Hotspot mode will not function correctly at all, and won’t transmit and receive behaves very strangely.

It seems that for some people Rx only works intermittently, but once it starts working, it carries on working until the radio is rebooted.

This looks like it may be caused by uninitialised settings, but quite what those settings are, I don’t know at the moment.

Hotspot Testers.

Please download the Tier2Latest file from the usual location, and use the same procedure as the version I emailed to you, in order to use Hotspot mode.

I have made some fixes to correct potential problems, however I can’t conclusively say that I’ve fixed the Rx problem.

52 Responses

  1. Marko Djokovic

    Hello Roger,
    I’m interested in testing. Most part of the day I’m stationary, first at the office and then at home. I have repeaters available for comparison purposes, but work with hotspots at both places, for comfort sake. I’ll put MD-380 on repeater and MD-390 on GD-77 hotspot. I have Raspberry Pi set for GD-77 hotspot since your first release, so I’m ready. 🙂
    73 de YT5HOK

  2. Matt Fairbairn (M6SEU)

    Hi Roger
    I would like to help. I use an Openspot a Pi3 with Pi-star for the gd77 and a Jumbospot should arrive tomorrow. Should be FUN.
    Cheers Matt.

  3. salvatore

    I would like to do the beta testers…. I’m trying all the versions and they work very well … thanks salvatore ik0nwg

  4. Piotr

    Roger. I am asking for a pre-release version for testing.

  5. luc83

    I can beta test if you agree.
    I have presently 3 GD-77, one with official firmware, another one with alpha tier 2, and the third one is open to test (presently alpha tier 2 too)
    I mostly use two simplex jumbospots and the local DMR repeater which is on the top floor of my building
    I can connect too the third GD-77 to a pi 0 for the hotspot function. I did it with the beta tier 1 firmware, it is ready.

  6. George Hill

    Hi David I am willing to give this a try will also be using it on BM TG91 for my own use only. It will operate for at least 12 hrs per day attended (just in case it locks up). Thanks for all this marvelous work on the firmware that you have devised.
    PS Merry Christmas.

  7. Ronald Tissier

    Your efforts are admirable…but at 82 years of age I am just beginning “to test the waters of DMR” and would not have enough experience to contribute to testing your efforts….good luck and appreciation for your efforts

  8. iz3wwg, Claudio

    Hi Roger, I have tried both tier 1 and tier 2, I am happy with the two firmware versions, they work very well, I would be interested in being a beta tester of the 2 integrated versions, thanks

  9. DK2BN

    Hello Roger, thanks for all your work! I’d like to test the new version. 73, Bastian DK2BN

  10. Maurizio

    good evening Roger Clark,
    I would like to try this firmware version, thanks

  11. bardens

    I’d like to test.
    I’ve already used the first version with pi-star on raspberry 3.
    I’d like to test.
    Dietrich Bardens DF6IK

  12. Ron Sparrow

    I would like to help test – Ron N7RDE

  13. Alec Wasserman

    Responsible Beta Tester here. would like new Beta release please. Alec

  14. Ciro

    Hi, very interesting all you are doing, I would like to test the new firmware version, I will make good use of it and I will report you any bugs. Thanks.
    73 of I8QCP … hello!

  15. Mario

    Hello Roger, I’am still running the Tier 1 Hotspot since your first public Version, and I love it.

    I’am very interested in testing the Tier 2 Hotspot version.
    I’am running also the Tier 2 Version without HS on my second GD77.

    Vy 73 de Mario, DC7JZB

  16. Marko Djokovic

    Hmm… Did my first comment went through? Posted 8-10h ago, shortly after you posted, Roger. If it didn’t, let me repeat in short: I’m ready to test. 🙂
    73 de YT5HOK

  17. barış

    mehaba ilgileniyorum

  18. Johan Hansson

    I can test if you need more testers // SM0TSC

  19. Roger Clark

    I have sent an email to all those who commented and included their callsign, either in the comment or as part of their email address.

    Sorry, I can’t send to anyone who is not willing to give me their name and callsign

  20. Bud Talbot


    I’m happy to test. W0RMT

  21. Bud Talbot

    I’m happy to help test, Roger. My call is W0RMT

  22. Christian Böhm

    Hello Roger!I am very interested in the trial version of the TIER 2 version. Currently have 3 hotspots in my home QTH. and 2 in my cars. I would like to tell you about my experiences then. Thank you for your efforts !!! Good job.Christian OE3CQB (Austria)

  23. Stefan Hegner

    Hi Roger,
    have 0.0.6 running in Hotspot mode now for 4 weeks.
    I’d be happy to do beta testing on the new integrated Tier2 / Hotspot Firmware

    Stefan, DB4ST

  24. Roger Clark


    I’ve been told it does not work with BlueDV.

    I will need to test this, as I’ve only tested on PiStar and on MMDVMHost on my PC

  25. Anonymous

    Good job Roger !!
    I working the open gd-77 hotspot with fantastic resolts and with no problem.
    73 de SV8FMY

  26. Roger Clark


    I will run mine all day, but mostly listening.

    We should probably have our own BM TG e.g TG77 😉

  27. Rick

    Concerning the Promiscuous Mode over both Timeslots (issue #61 I would suggest an additonal “any” timeslot selection, e.g. displaying “TS*” in the status bar. It seems the TX TS is already manageable by contacts’ TS overrides. Selecting a heard TG as TX override could also select the appropriate TS for TX.

    Another thing would be a direct mode operation option that would automatically TX in a free timeslot, e.g. “fTS”?, or “TS1f / TS2f” (try one first / two first), allowing for the flexible concurrent use of a frequency. (double capacity, pseudo / timeslot trunk mode, … that is simply like the daylight time sharing scheme on the globe)

  28. Mark Dean

    Hi Roger could you count me in on testing too please.

  29. Torsten DO5AD

    Hello Roger i will test it. You makes a great work and i update my gd77 on every new version, that is downloadable. Thx 73 DO5AD

  30. Cesar Silva

    hello roger!! if you like, i can do some beta tests for your last fimware! 73/51

  31. Pierre-Antoine DUMARQUEZ

    Hi David!
    I regularly use the latest Tier2 version as well as the Tier1 hotspot version without any problem.
    I’m ready to try out the integrated hotspot / Tier2 version on the BM TG208. My equipment is a Raspberry Pi 3B + and Pi-Star 4.10-RC6 software and, of course, a GD-77.

    Thank you for all the fantastic work on the firmware you have done for the radio community.
    73 ‘by F6CYK / Pierre-Antoine “Tony” from Normandy, France

  32. Alec Wasserman

    installed .v.0.0.7 went fine. turned radio on per instructions in hotspot mode. the screen just said R 438.1000 no transmit like previously. and my other dmr radio receives from the gd-77 hotspot just fine. but when I transmit the gd-77 is deaf. the light on top of the radio doesnt even change colors. i have my offsets at zero. could I be doing something wrong?

  33. Roger Clark

    Hi Alec

    I’m not sure

    Is the Color Code correct ?

  34. Roger Clark

    BTW. My name is Roger ….

  35. Reggie

    I would be willing to test the new firmware. I do not run on Brandmeister at all but I do sit on the TGIF network. I do listen to TG 31665 but sit on TG 801. My self and Phil W7RSS both run the GD 77 hotspot mode. You can either email me or if you can get on the tgif network TG 801 and give a shout. k8upe

  36. Robert Alford

    Definately open to test here.. Have both WIndows and Ubuntu Machines up and Ready..

  37. Roger Clark

    Hi Robert

    I’ve found at least one bug with hotspot mode, where occasionally it won’t receive at all.

    So I’m holding off sending out any more for testing until work out why this is happening.

  38. Roger Clark

    Hotspot Testers.

    Please download the Tier2Latest file from the usual location, and use the same procedure as the version I emailed to you, in order to use Hotspot mode.

    I have made some fixes to correct potential problems, however I can’t conclusively say that I’ve fixed the Rx problem.

    I will continue to test

  39. Michal Virt

    Hello, if you want I can help you with test your new firmware. Thank you for response

  40. Anonymous

    Hey! I’ll be happy to test new versions of open GD77 soft. Using my GD-77 and Raspberry Pi v4
    73 de Leif Perjus OH0KCE

  41. Leif Perjus

    I’ll be happy to help testing, using GD77 w. RPI v4, Pi-star and Win10 in computer
    73 de Leif OH0KCE

  42. Roger Clark

    Thanks guys, but currently I have 30 people testing, which is sufficient for now.

    Hopefully if I can get the bugs fixed, it won’t be long before I can do a public release.


    merhaba roger

  44. Christian Böhm

    Hello Roger
    Unfortunately, the hotspot mode does not work as it should. After a successful connection with the DMR + server IPSC2-OE-DMO, the Raspi loses the connection immediately.
    The Pi-Star software still ran normally as if there is a connection to the DMO SERVER.

    Hardware: Rapberry Zero (latest version)
    Software: Pistar Pi-Star: 4.1.0-RC4.
    Otherwise the same settings as with my other hotspot.
    In the BM server of OE, the hotspot mode works without problems.

    tnx 73 de Christian OE3CQB

  45. Roger Clark

    Did you try the latest version 0.0.71

  46. Christian Böhm

    Yes. I will test tomorrow again after QRL.whith the sys op from Server . Then i give you more Information.

    Best 73 Christian

  47. Ian Xray

    I would love to be a beta tester fro the gd77

  48. IZ0MXY Antonio

    Good evening Roger,

    I’m trying with several colleagues, your firmware versions for more than a month with Pi-Star and MMDVMHOST(in Windows and Linux sistems) and we’re all satisfied with the progress you’ve made.
    I installed both the latest tier1 hotspot versions and the tier2 version, which I obviously have to load from time to time to test the functioning of the two configurations and I am therefore very interested in testing the tier2 with the integrated HotSpot function.

    A question …
    will it be possible to integrate the SCAN function in the Tier2 version in the future?

    73 ‘
    IZ0MXY Antonio
    Rome Italy JN61GV

  49. Roger Clark

    Scanning is in the Issues list on Github, but bug fixes are prioritised higher than new features, and the project relies on me and other volunteers to give their time to programming the bug fixes and enhancements.

    The firmware is open source, so anyone can submit an update with new features, and it will be reviewed and added if it is acceptable.

  50. Robert Poisbleau

    Bonsoir Roger,
    J’utilise votre Firmware depuis quelques temps déjà.
    Je suis très intéressé par le test de la version Hotspot de niveau 2.
    Vraiment très bien ce que vous faites,
    Avec tout le respect que je vous dois, merci de me faire parvenir la version hotspot 2.

    73 F5LRQ Robert

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