OpenGD77 Hotspot testers needed

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I have now integrated the Hotspot functionality from the Tier 1 version of the OpenGD77 firmware, into the Tier2 version, and I am looking for responsible beta testers.

I’ve been running the one of my GD-77’s in hotspot mode all day on BM TG91, which is normally quite active, and so far its working OK with no lockups etc

However at the moment I don’t think I’m confident enough that the firmware won’t crash and lock the radio while transmitting, so I do not leave it unattended and I also only have the power set to 250mW, so that even if it did lock while transmitting, it would probably not do any harm to the radio.

One other thing to note is that although the firmware operates in Tier2 mode, the radio only contains one transceiver unit, and hence does NOT operate as either a full repeater or even a duplex hotspot when in hotspot mode.
It only operates as a simple hotspot, like it did in the Tier 1 firmware.

In the longer term, it will probably be possible to make the radio operate as a single frequency repeater, where it listens on TS1 and transmits on TS2, but I will not be able to start work on SRF mode until all the major Tier2 bugs are fixed.

Anyway. If you are interested in testing the Hotspot mode in the Tier2 firmware. Please post a comment leaving you email address and I will try to email you the pre-release version

I’ve tested with BlueDV (BlueDV-9558) on the PC and it worked fine.

I’m not sure about the App versions of BlueDV. But I don’t have time to put a lot of effort into BlueDV as my main focus is PiStar and MMDVMHost on Linux or PC

Another update

There seems to be an issue where the radio (hotspot) is not receiving sometimes.

If you turn it on and it works, it continues to work, but if you turn it on and it doesnt work, try another the freq band e.g try 2m instead of 70 cm and vice versa

At the moment I’m not sure whats causing this

Yet another update.

I can’t replicate the Rx failure bug, however I did see some possible problems in the code, if anyone has set a different Tx and Rx offset value in the expert settings.

Under these conditions the Hotspot mode will not function correctly at all, and won’t transmit and receive behaves very strangely.

It seems that for some people Rx only works intermittently, but once it starts working, it carries on working until the radio is rebooted.

This looks like it may be caused by uninitialised settings, but quite what those settings are, I don’t know at the moment.

Hotspot Testers.

Please download the Tier2Latest file from the usual location, and use the same procedure as the version I emailed to you, in order to use Hotspot mode.

I have made some fixes to correct potential problems, however I can’t conclusively say that I’ve fixed the Rx problem.

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  1. Carlos

    Hi Roger,

    Please add me to the list of testers of your app. I’m loving the work you’re doing so far. Please email me info on the install, etc.


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