OpenGD77 Github changes

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Because Kai is no longer actively participating in the OpenGD77 project, having my Github repository as “fork” (child) of Kai’s Github repository is proving to be impractical, and I am planning on detaching my “fork” to make it a standalone repository.

Once the change is complete, I will be able to have separate bug tracking “issues” associated with my version and will allow me greater flexibility of things like using the “Releases” system, including the version numbering.

Unfortunately Github does not have an “Unfork” button, so my only option is rename the current “fork” , e.g. “OpenGD77_fork” and then create a new repository (repo), with the original name “OpenGD77”, and then import the “fork” version into the new repo.

This will retain the history and the links to the downloads etc, however anyone who has “forked” from my repository will need to delete their fork and re-fork my new OpenGD77 repo.

I intend to do this over the weekend, and will post an update when I have finished this migration.

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