OpenGD77 GitHub bug tracking – enabled

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In my post on Friday, I indicated that I thought I’d need to “unfork” my OpenGD77 Github repository in order for it to have its own “issues” system for bug tracking.  However this is not correct.

I had presumed that since there wasn’t an “Issues’ button in my fork of Kai’s OpenGD77 repo, that “Issues” were only available to the master repository. However when I looked at the repository settings, I realised that “Issues” where an option, but that it is disabled by default.

I have now enabled issues on my repo, and I’ve manually copied the relevant issues into my fork and closed most of the issues in Kai’s master copy (as I opened most of them).

Also as it looks like its possible for me to make a Wiki in my repository I may also start to make a wiki when I have time.

Please feel free to add new issues or comment on issues, or even submit a pull request with fixes for any of the issues.

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