OpenGD77 featured in Practical Wireless

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If anyone has a copy of the December edition of Practical Wireless, I’d be interested to know what they wrote about the OpenGD77 project

PW have not been in contact with me, or with Kai (as far as I’m aware), so I presume they used the publicly available information on my blog, YouTube and GitHub.


I’ve had a go at reading a blurred image of the article and it looks like was written a while ago as it only discusses the Tier1 version. This is presumably because of the deadlines of magazines going to print.

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  1. George Hill

    I also read the blurred image but as you say it was old news but a good article. They also gave credit to yourself, Kai and Colin. Tim Kirby did say that project was on going and that it will have been updated by the time this article was published.
    Now lets see if Radcom (magazine owned by the RSGB) also picks up on the article and updates the info available.

  2. Roger Clark

    Thanks George

  3. darkteckno

    What a wonderful publication not to even contact you.

  4. Tim Kirby

    Hi Roger – I’m the author of the piece and I used the data from your website and indeed, through trying it out myself – very successfully I might add. I’d be delighted to send you an email copy of the piece. When I wrote the piece the Tier 1 version was what was available, but I do say to keep an eye on your website as things will be evolving. The next month’s column also covers your work and describes the Tier 2 work that you have been doing. Thank you for all your work and I’m hoping that the article will generate some more interest in the project for you.

  5. Roger Clark

    Hi Tim

    Thanks for getting in touch

    Someone in the UK sent me photos of those pages, so I’ve now been able to read what you wrote, and understand the limitations of writing for print media.

    Things have been moving very quickly over the last month, with the Tier2 version now working OK for the majority of people – however I still have a undiagnosed problem with signal and audio dropouts for a small number of people, which I can’t explain, as none of my 5 GD-77 radios exhibit the problem.

    I’m currently trying to sort out a reported bug where with 9MHz repeater offsets on GB7GS and also hotspot mode in the Tier 2 version (simplex hotspot), does not work for a minority of people either…
    But I’ll email you directly at the weekend.



  6. Tim Kirby

    Hi Roger,

    Great – glad you got a clearer image and I’ve sent you a PDF by email as well.

    Fantastic progress and all understood about the bugs which are out there at the moment. Good luck!

    Look forward to hearing from you at the weekend – and of course, if I can help with any testing etc – just let me know. Happy to do what I can.

    All the best,

    Tim G4VXE

  7. Les Bailey

    I have just found your page via Practical Wireless article. I have a GD77 but I put it in my junk kit box because I could not make it work. After reading the article, I have fished it out and it is on charge. Many thanks for your work.
    Les, 2E0FNS

  8. Roger Clark

    No worries

    See also

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