OpenGD77 DTMF deviation fix etc

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Thanks to Alex DL4LEX the problem with DTMF and 1750Hz Tone burst deviation has now been fixed

Actually its been a group effort… Alex made some changes which I’ve manually incorporated into the master source code, and I had to make a few other changes to get it working correctly..

I also need to thank Ray VK3YNV for testing the deviation levels using his test equipment, and Clayton VK7ZCR for also doing some testing


Mike KU4ZD reported a problem with the Digital Contact override feature I added a few days ago, where Digital Contacts (TG’s) which did not have the TS set to override e.g. to TS1 or TS2, where not changing the radio back to the TS for the channel.

So I have done a fix for this which Mike has tested and tells me that its now all working OK.

On the subject of the TS override in the Digital Contacts, Mike noticed that if he exported the codeplug dat file to spreadsheet using Colin G4EML’s utilities, and then re-imported the spreadsheets, the override settings had been removed.
I’ve had a look at the spreadsheet created by Colin’s utilities and the problem is that I’m using a “reserved” (unused) byte of data in the Contact data, which Colin is not exporting to CSV or importing.

I’ve emailed Colin asking whether the “reserved” byte could be added to the import and export function in his utilities.

Daniel F1RMB is also now helping with the OpenGD77 project, and has sent me some changes to remove some duplicate code, and he has just sent me some updated to add functions to the display driver API to display circles and triangles and boxes with rounded corners etc.

I’m not sure if we will use any of this in the normal operation of the radio, but they may come in handy.

As usual, I’ve now updated the Tier2Latest SGL firmware file, which can be downloaded from GitHub as usual

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  1. Thierry Barrandon F1CXG

    Hi Roger,thanks for your great work !!!

    With the latest firmware of November 10, to change TS1 / TS2, it’s necessary
    to press the key “*” and also the keys “>” or “<" …
    (Channel TS/ Repeater Slot override is disabled)

    Thierry F1CXG

  2. Matt Fairbairn (M6SEU)

    Hi Roger
    Notice star key not changing TS in this version.
    Cheers Matt

  3. Janusz - SO5AJG

    I do not know if it should be like that now, the * button can no longer change the slot if it has already been specified in the contacts. If it has not been defined then you can change the slots with the * button.

  4. Roger Clark



    This is a bug

    I will fix

  5. Roger Clark

    I’m fixing it now πŸ˜‰

  6. Roger Clark

    I’ve uploaded a new firmware, please try this version.

    It just shows how many different people it takes to test things, as I sent this copy to Mike and to Clayton and Ray and I’ve also used it, and none of us noticed the Star key had stopped working πŸ˜‰

  7. Janusz

    Very good, works as before. Earlier, if I had no answer from you, I uploaded the previous firmware for trial and the star started to work because I thought my radio was malfunctioning. Now everything is OK. Thank you.

  8. Roger Clark

    Thanks for letting me know about the problem

  9. F1CXG Thierry

    Thanks Roger, it’s ok for me now πŸ˜‰


  10. Matt Fairbairn (M6SEU)

    Ok here as well.


  11. RiKu Bister

    Heya, i dont know if this is a bug, but on latest versions the squelch wont work anymore same as older versions.
    On FM CTS more when opening squelch full wont open squelch anymore, actually it go other way. i dont know if i could explain this πŸ™‚
    To duplicate, go FM CTR (CTCSS WITH RX) and press left untill squelch is fully open (one tiny bar), no static will come. Actually this happens on FM without CTR aswell. normal FM.


  12. Roger Clark

    If Rx CTCSS is enabled it overrides the squelch.

    Perhaps if the squelch is changed the Rx CTCSS should be disabled

  13. ea3gza

    Hello. I imagine that you will have a lot of work and many features to add and test. but do not forget the blind users and the accessibility that these firmwares can bring to our radios. May be you can add something similar to the CW narrator that exists for the md380 or something we help listen the screen to use the menus. Is only an idea. Sorry I can’t help because I do not have programming knowledge.

  14. Fabio

    Hi Roger, I found another problem with the lates Opengd77 firmware version.
    in practice, if you are on a contact where you set the time slot (example ts2) from cps, if you manually enter a TG by pressing the # key (example 222001) and you move on the TS1 with the * key, the radio transmits on the TS1 but as soon, as you release the ptt, the radio automatically moves to TS2. if you don’t realize it, at the next step you talk in TS2.
    It appears that the timeslot returns to the talkgroup settings made by cps.
    thanks for the time you dedicate to the HAM radio world.
    73 IU4LEG Fabio

  15. Roger Clark


    I will fix the Timeslot problem

  16. Fabio

    Thank you too Roger, have a nice day 73 IU4LEG

  17. Roger Clark

    Support for blind users was on the issues list, but as it’s a open source project it’s reliant on people submitting new feature themselves

    Also CW is not ideal.

    Voice prompts would be the preferred method

  18. Roger Clark

    This is actually more complex than it appears.

    If you press the Star button on the VFO and then change back to the Channel, I think most people would presume that perhaps the settings for the Channel would be the same as when you last were on the Channel screen.

  19. ea3gza

    Thanks roger. OK to voice prompts. This will be perfecte. Stay tunned!

  20. ken, M1DYP

    Hi Roger, here’s an interesting thing… I have my display timeout set to 5 seconds, works fine in DMR mode, but in analogue FM, the screen light stays on whilst receiving a signal and only extinguishes 5 seconds after the signal drops, not during like DMR
    regards, ken

  21. Janusz

    I have a problem now, after changing the firmware to the hotspot I can not run this function. The display shows everything correctly, but nothing happens when PTT is pressed. The reception is functioning properly. I don’t know if after uploading the new radio firmware there are problems with running it as a hotspot.

  22. Roger Clark

    Hi Ken

    The analog and digital code is completely separate.

    I’ve added this to the bug list.

    Its probably something that’s easy to fix.

  23. Roger Clark

    Hotspot mode should not be working at all in the Tier2 version.

    I’m working on it at the moment to make it compatible with the Tier 2 changes and also the power levels etc

  24. Ken, M1DYP

    thanks roger

  25. Janusz

    I know that it works and that’s why I launched it in Tier1 version, because it worked so far and just yesterday I could not start it and today it worked normally. I am not sure what was the more that I started it several times as Tier1.

  26. RiKu Bister

    just a suggest maybe implement a keypad lock, then it will fix my issue on pressing right arrow.. at least not spontaneously change talkgroups πŸ˜€ i never go back to stock firmware!
    OH1E πŸ™‚

  27. Roger Clark

    Keypad lock has already been written, and is in initial testing

    It will be in the next version I upload, but there are many other fixes and changes which need to stabilise before I can release it

  28. RiKu Bister

    okey thanks alot! hope it will release before i go on trip to spain in few days! because i want a working radio with me πŸ™‚

  29. RiKu Bister

    downloaded today latest one, i looked github changes, there is indead a keylock now! at least it is a big relif for me, now i can use radio with keylock locked and no self channel changing. going wendsday to a week trip, so lets hope i will manage on unknown repeaters with this, it will be big test on field πŸ™‚ random repeaters with odd offcets etc from keypad program.
    Also new nice font implemented πŸ™‚
    Also a small bug when keylock is on and 250mW is selected, the 250mW there is graphic error.
    Noticed too, i get more error rate on VHF hotspot, but its not a big deal for now, as im going to use repeaters.

  30. Roger Clark


    Can you register and post the bugs on the forum, as its difficult for me to track bugs from multiple sources

    Post separate bug reports for the graphic error and also the hotspot on VHF

  31. Piotrek SQ5ARF

    Thank you Roger for a great job creating an alternative GD77 firmware. The radio is very nice to use and every firmware patch is getting better. Is there a chance that you will also introduce DCS squelch in addition to CTCSS? I miss this functionality in open GD77.

  32. Roger Clark

    I will add DCS to the feature requests

  33. Pietro

    Hi roger thanks for your great work. It works and it’s so good but…simple i installed the latest gd77 FW (yours) how can i lock just the keypad in order to do not change nothing while i am on the move? Thanks

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