OpenGD77 CPS improvements

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Some people have reported that the CPS is not automatically detecting the OpenGD77 com port even though the drivers have been loaded.

In an attempt to provide a workaround for this instance I’ve modified the CPS, so that the OpenGD77 support screen will show a Com port selector popup if the OpenGD77 com port is not automatically detected.

This test version can be downloaded from here

I’d appreciate it if anyone could try this version even if their OpenGD77 is being automatically detected, to confirm I have not broken the existing detection functionality


In addition this version also remembers the last directory you opened a firmware file from, which will make it easier for users when uploading firmware to the GD-77 from this feature in the CPS

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  1. Carlos


    Thank you very much and greetings from Mexico, as I had previously posted, I had problems with the previous CPS to read the radio, now with the new one, I read and write the radio without problems with win7 on laptop I3 ……

    There is something that apparently I am not doing well, since now having read and programmed with the new CPS, I can not have reception in any TG, I have checked if the color code, the time slot, and Everything seems to be correct, however I cannot hear any TG, (I have not misrepresented the initial confuguration where if I could previously listen to any TG in its corresponding and if I have the corresponding conversation groups).

    This happens only in digital, in analogue I have no problem, it was even a good idea to be able to enable or not the radio can be selected or not to transmit outside the amateur radio segment.

    Another thing that I have not found is the way to access the directory of individual contacts ……

    thank you very much.

  2. Roger Clark

    Can you post to in the CPS section

  3. Pablo

    Good morning, a query, I’m trying to run the radiodity hotspot in vhf and it hangs, the fireware is only for uhf or you have to change parameters. thank you very much.

  4. Roger Clark

    It should work on VHF

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