Minor bug in Joomla module mod_briaskISS – Image Slide Show

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I came across a minor bug in the Briask Image Slide Show , Joomla Module today. (see Image Slide Show on http://www.briask.com)

The path to the images that the module writes out as an unordered list, contained two forward slashes when the “resize images” option was being used.

This is because in mod_briaskUtility.php, line 121 has a forward slash at the end of the path i.e.

$picDir = $picDir.’/briaskThumbs/’;

and lines 168 , 172 and 176, which use $picDir also add a slash after $picDir, hence two forward slashes are added.

As the non resized path doesn’t include a slash at the end, the best bug fix seems to be not to have the forward slash at the end of line 121 i..e
$picDir = $picDir.’/briaskThumbs’;

I’ve emailed the author in case he wants to update the module to fix the bug.