Github gists for viewing images from an Arduino

I find I’m often writing small snippets of code which I’d like to share but don’t warrant setting up a Github repo.

I often end up posting them on the forum as they are often STM32 related, however sometimes things are hard to find on the forum because of the volume of posts to the site.

So I’ve decided to cross post anything I think people may find useful as Github gists and create a blog entry about them.


Most recently I’ve been working to interface a OV7670 camera to a Blue Pill STM32F103C8 and a ILI9341 based LCD colour display, using code by @SteveStrong and others, and I will post a separate blog entry about this.

But as part of this project, I needed a way to view the images on a PC, so I’ve just created a couple of gists with the helper applications that I created to test various things

The first gist is a Python based image viewer, which receives the image data from the Arduino board via serial, and displays it, with the option to save as BMP (only)

And the second is a test image creator, which should run on most Arduino’s, even the Uno (though I’ve only tested it on the STM32)

I hope these may come in handy to anyone else experimenting with still images from micro-controller boards