GD-77 TOT timer beep – no longer working

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Just a quick post in case anyone’s had a similar issue and perhaps can help me with this problem….


I’ve noticed that my GD-77 no longer beeps when it times out.

I have the TOT set to 180, with rekey after 0 seconds; and after 180 seconds the GD-77 stops transmitting and I can see the LED on the top turn from Red to Green, but I don’t get any audible indication that this has happened.

I’ve looked though the CPS settings and I can’t see anything which specifically controls this. I can set the Call Exit tone, and I think this will beep every time I release the PTT, but this is not the same as the Timeout beep.

I initially suspected, I have read back the codeplug from one GD-77 to write it onto another GD-77 and somehow the readback process has corrupted the codeplug data somehow, but in a way that’s not visible my any option in the CPS.

But I built a new codeplug with just one channel for my hotspot on TG9, and this isnt giving the timeout beep either


I’ve tied this simple codeplug on a GD-77 that’s running firmware 3.0.6 as well as one that’s running firmware 3.1.6 and I get the same problem on both radios, so I’m beginning to wonder if this issue only effects hotspots.

I guess I’ll need to setup minimal codeplugs to access a local repeater and try that, and perhaps I can figure out why at least 2 of the GD-77 I have at the moment, no longer beep on timeout 🙁

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  1. knar

    m< gd-77 does not beep either. are you sure that yours ever did?

  2. Roger Clark

    I agree

    It may never have beeped under these conditions.

    I thought if I was transmitting to a real repeater it would beep on timeout, but that may not be correct either.

    It may just have beeped because the repeater timed out and stopped transmitting

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