GD-77 firmware 3.1.3 seen in new radios

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Brent VA7BNB contacted me as his brand new GD-77 seems to have a new version of firmware, which has not been released either to the Beta testers or on the official Radioddity website

Bent tells me that he didn’t receive a disk firmware 3.1.3 on it, so unless one of the beta testers has been sent a copy of 3.1.3 we have no way of getting hold of a copy.


On a possibly related note.

Radioddity also now seems to be selling a version with an inverted video display. Back background with white text.

However I don’t know whether the hardware in the display is the same and this is controlled via the firmware, especially the new firmware.



I guess we’ll find out in the new few weeks when people buy and receive these new versions


Update. 16th May 2018


Apparently, Radioddity have said that 3.1.3 does not contain any new features, but fixes some problems. However they have not said what problems it fixes.

They’ve also said that they do not have an update file for this version at the moment, but will put it on their official website when they have received it themselves.

This seems to imply that Radioddity receive the radios, with the firmware pre-installed, from another company, rather than writing the firmware themselves.


This explains why they often seen unable to fix firmware bugs, and are reluctant to add enhancements, because they their suppliers effectively are the ones who are in control.


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  1. ken

    hmm interesting

  2. Luis Cavaleiro

    Fantastic !! Thanks for your work at our users

  3. Roger Clark

    I send the CPS programmer at Radioddity a message, so perhaps he can tell us why the new radios have this version but its not available for existing users to download.

    Perhaps some of the beta testers have this version, but I’m not a beta tester and no one I know who gets pre-releases from Radioddity has heard of this version either.

  4. Scott Evans

    The black screen was a mockup posted by one of the radioddity staff on Facebook a few months ago

  5. Michael Belanger, W1DGL

    What ‘advantages’ does v3.1.3 have over v2.6.6?

  6. Roger Clark

    Thanks Mike

  7. Roger Clark

    No idea

    3.1.3 seems to be a release only available when it comes pre-installed on the GD-77

    Someone else needs to ask Radioddity whats new in that version. I’ve tried asking their CPS programmer but he hasn’t replied to my question

  8. Roger Clark


    In that case, potentially it may not even really look like that 😉

  9. Frank

    Importent would be to change in the the input-directcall-window to change to input-groupcall.

  10. Roger Clark

    Please can you explain this?

    We can’t change the firmware.

    If there is a bug in the firmware, you should contact Radioddity about it, as only they can fix bugs in the firmware

  11. WA6NQW

    I think the issue here may be that you can only input a private id from the keypad; there is no way to input a group call directly from the keypad. You must have a group call in the contact list and/or programmed into a channel; you can’t enter it on the fly, as you can with other radios. I agree, this would be a very important improvement, but as you say, it is a firmware issue.

  12. Roger Clark


    If thats what they mean, then its definitely a firmware thing, and is not currently possible

  13. Frank

    That’s right. For fast changing TGs.. and catch QSO… it needs 2 things: Prom.Mode and TG “on the fly”… Only Radios which support this… will be in next “by-list”. Otherwise it is not Ham-Radio-compatible. BUT let me say… I agree and understand that I fine codeplug handmade with a good (not overload) RX List , TX TG and an eye on the hangtime ist not substituded by P-mode and TG on the fly… hope the “german english” is not to bad. Love DMR… 73 from DO6FM on TG 26345

  14. EvO

    About the firmware revision 3.1.3 madame Jasmine Chow state that “It’s not a new version, just a more stable version of v3.1.1 & v3.1.2” and also that “It’s just a manufacture version, no need to upgrade or use new code plug” with it.
    Pity that Radioddity continues to spread news on facebook instead of through its website.
    They should understand that not everyone uses or has access to social networks.

    Still on facebook it’s seems that Radioddity has spread a document on how to easily program their two-way radios as well as possible, GD-77 too:

    Instead about the new inverted visualization on the display, I fear it’s more based on hardware than software, so that it’s need a some sort of hardware or modify in order to enable it.
    I know it isn’t the same thing, but due the fact Jason Reilly VK7ZJA made some special software to change the fonts used on GD-77, perhaps it is possible modify that in order to obtain something to similare.
    My doubts are on the upper row where are collected the symbols for the various functions, because I don’t know if VK7ZJA’s program allow for change them.
    Normally I’m using my GD-77 without backlight nor signalings at all and the battery endurance is very long lasting for sure.
    It’s very likely that by reversing the characters on the screen the thing can be further improved.

    Thanks for your great work Roger, please keep it up.
    Thank you very much!

  15. Roger Clark



    I don’t have access to Facebook so can’t access any of the docs Radioddity post there.

    I used to have a FB business account, but FB closed it down as they claimed I was impersonating Roger Clark. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be impersonating myself of one of the many other people called Roger Clark
    (Search for “Roger Clark” and there are 360,000 hits on Google)

    I find the web going darker and darker now that files are being only stored on Facebook, because to access information requires a Facebook account. Facebook is not fully indexed by the search engines either.

    But at least it does mean I don’t waste countless hours of my day processing FB notifications

  16. EvO


    me too I haven’t access to facebook or any else social, it’s my choice, simply I don’t like them.
    I find it weird that Radioddity chose that way, however it’s their business.
    The document I wrote has been moved, so it doesn’t work anymore.
    Now it’s on Radioddity web page, although it’s still retrievable from facebook looking for it by its name (Radioddity DMR Programming Tips.pdf):

    I have to agree with you, Roger, surely the thing is going darker and darker storing useful documents only on Facebook.
    There is an huge loss of information for the customers and Radioddity’s product users.
    I wonder what can be the benefit on doing so.
    From my point of view it totally makes no sense.
    Please Roger keep it up.
    Thank you very much!

  17. Roger Clark

    My lack of access to FaceBook etc is also partially my choice.
    I do not want to be data mined.
    Basically people are a commodity for face book.

    I did have a business page for a while, but somehow things got screwed up and then their AI took a dislike to me.

    I have no interest in spending ages trying to get a fb account, and its interesting to see how easy it is for f b to completely cut off your access to your own posts and files.

  18. Scott Evans

    Hi Roger, I stabd corrected on the GD-77BB it’s a real thing! And the one that I received has 3.1.3 firmware! The screen is still blue backlit and just the lcd is inverted The serial number for mine is 18 of the run they did in Apri.

  19. Roger Clark


    Annoyingly I had ordered another GD-77 just before the BB version was announced, so now have 2 original GD-77
    And my new one came with the old firmware 3.1.1 not the new 3.1.3

    So there are still vendors selling stock thats been in a warehouse for a while

    BTW. Do you think the BB display is done by hardware or firmware. It sounds like its just a firmware thing.

  20. Steve K2GOG

    the new inverted display version of the GD-77 will only function in that way. It is hardware, not software controlled.

    This new version will appeal to people driving or using it at night to be less a distraction because of how bright the original GD-77 was, even for those brave enough to modify it like I did using a polarization filter.

    On the fence about buying one though, the MD-UV380 is out and while its more expensive than the GD-77, it adds the other features a low end dual-bander like the GD-77 missed (like more memory and GPS)

  21. Roger Clark

    Thanks for the information about the display.

    I think there would be a way to partially achieve the same thing in firmware, but as Radioddity do not seem to write their own firmware, or have much control about when bugs etc get fixed, the chances or when doing a firmware update to make negative video an option is remote.

    With the MD-UV380 starting to come available, I think there will be a drop off in sales of the GD-77 unless they lower the price, because the MD-UV380 can probably be hacked in the same way as the original version, as TYT don’t seem to have bothered closing the loophole in their security in other similar radios.
    Though whether anyone who works on the MD-380 Toolz has time to support another radio, is a different matter.

  22. Jeffrey Vandenbroucke

    Radioddity has 2 new firmwares posted today. I wonder what the internal changes are

  23. Hugo

    – The new firmware 3.1.3 is on the Radioddity website:

    – Another ”Repair Firmware” is also available for repair the radio having a frequency offset problem:

  24. EvO

    Some news fro Radioddity:

    [New] GD-77 Update Firmware & Software V3.1.3

    Repair Firmware-GD-77 [Only Frequency Offset Problem Radio]

  25. Horacio

    Hi Roger
    New firmware version 3.1.5 available

  26. Anders

    I just downloaded the new 3.1.3 firmware, it’s awailable on the website, haven’t tried it yet though..

  27. Roger Clark

    Looks like version 3.1.5 is a special version for radios with the “Frequency offset bug” but I don’t know what that bug is.

    It potentially does something to the calibration data, but I have not had time to try it

  28. Roger Clark

    If anyone knows what the “Frequency Offset Problem” means, I’d be interested to know 😉

  29. EvO


    For what I know the “Frequency Offset Problem” is just that kind of problem.
    Practically there are cases in which, even if the frequencies set in the GD-77 are surely correct, the transceiver receives and transmits on two different frequencies generally out of +/- 12.5kHz.
    That is.
    The rescue firmware 3.1.5 should be use in the context I just wrote above.

  30. Sp8iza

    3.1.5 rx DEATH

  31. Roger Clark

    It looks like Radioddity have removed version 3.1.5 from their website.

    Did you managed to fix you radio, or is it still broken ?
    Did you try downgrading to version 3.1.2 ?

  32. sp8iza

    Nothing helps
    2.6.3 not fixed
    2.6.6 not fixed
    3.1.1 not fixed
    3.1.2 not fixed
    the radio is dead ofset bug ofset bug

  33. Roger Clark


    I will email you a backup copy of the Flash data in from my radio.

    You may be able to use Flash Manager to restore my data (especially the calibration data) and get the radio working again

  34. Brent D. Sutherland, RSE

    Just update to V3.1.3 this morning… went smoothly. it’s now released on the radioddity website…. One thing I noticed today and am not sure if it was there before, but when I have both radios in channel model and am on either my VHF of UHF encrypted digital channels there’s a new bug I haven’t seen before. If I send a message from Radio 1 to Radio 2 and view the message on Radio 2, when I key the mic of Radio 2, Radio 1 DOES NOT receive anything until I key the mic of Radio 2 a second time. this also goes the same if I send Radio 1 a message from Radio 2…. weird little bug.

  35. Steve I

    It is extremely important to ensure that you have no “COM:” devices connected to your PC when you use the Firmware upgrader. Otherwise the upgrader will try to “lock” to a COM: port !

  36. Roger Clark

    I’ve not experienced that problem, despite having multiple COM ports

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