GD-77 CPS in Slovenian

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Thanks to Savo Luzar  S56LLS,the GD-77 Community CPS has now been translated into Slovenian



I notice that the one key language that we don’t have a translated version is French.

So if anyone would like to translate it into French, please let me know and I can send them the details of how they can do this using a text editor, like Notepad, or the editor of their choice
(MS Word etc is not a good choice for this as its likely to add unwanted junk into the file ;-))


The download is available in the new and old locations (see my previous post about change of download URL for future updates)


Update 24th April 2018

Thierry BARRANDON ( F1CXG ) has kindly said he will produce a translation into French

Also Sergey Ka has sent a link to his Ukrainian version, so I will add this to the installation

8 Responses

  1. Savo

    Hi Roger, The correct name is SLOVENIAN and not Solvenian… please change it. Thanks

  2. Roger Clark

    Sorry. Typo..

    I will fix

  3. Roger Clark


    I hope i have fixed it now

    BTW. Do you have a callsign. Do you want me to add it to the post?

  4. Savo

    NO problem Roger… My call sign is S56LLS

  5. Roger Clark


    I’ll update my post.


    I think I will add credits for each translation in the About screen..

    So can you tell me what

    “Slovenian translation by Savo Luzar S56LLS”

  6. Roger Clark


    I realized there is an error in the text in the graphic as well (aarggghh)

    I will fix ASAP

  7. Savo

    Hi Roger,
    I found out something strange.. If you have Slovenian CPS and export contact, everything is OK, but if you have English Language set in CPS and try to import contacts ( which were prevously exported with Slovenian lanaguage) you get an error ” Data format error” and nothing happened unles you changed CPS language to Slovenian. Is this OK?

  8. Roger Clark

    Someone else reported a similar issue. Possibly in the Channels export.

    I investigated the Channels export / import problem, and its caused because the fields in the XML are exported with values in a specific language.


    Number Name Call ID Type Ring Style Call Receive Tone
    0 TG1 1 Group Call Off None

    But if you try to import this, the CPS Can’t set the Type to “Group Call” unless the language is English.

    Internally, the CPS stores the Type as a number, but it has to convert the text “Group Call” back to its number, but if the language is not English, it the list for Contact Types does not include the words “Group call”

    The way to import a CSV which is in English, is to change the language to English, import the contacts, and then change back to Slovenian.

    Or if you want to send you contacts to someone who uses the CPS in English.. Set the CPS to English before exporting