GD-77 CPS CE firmware loader

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I’ve added a new feature to the GD-77 CPS Community edition to upload firmware

I wrote a standalone Windows exe upload several months ago, to make it easier for the testers to upload the firmware, and because several people asked me whether the CPS could upload the firmware, (like the Anytone CPS does), I finally got around to integrating this feature into the CPS

At the moment this feature has not been extensively tested, so as ever, you use it at your own risk, however I have tested it with the OpenGD77 firmware and also version 3.1.8 of the official firmware, and Clayton VK7ZCR has tested it with multiple different versions of firmware and neither of us had any problems.

The firmware loader is accessed via the Extras menu

Clicking on this will open a file selector popup

Select the firmware file and press Open

This will open the new Firmware loader screen

Press the “Upload firmware to GD-77” button and accept the disclaimer to upload the firmware to the radio

When the firmware has been uploaded, the radio will need to be rebooted as usual

As this version is still in testing, I have not put it in GitHub yet, but it can be downloaded from my website via this link

7 Responses

  1. ken, M1DYP

    many thanks

  2. W1AEX - Rob

    It gets better and better Roger! Thanks very much for all you are doing with this project. 73, Rob W1AEX

  3. Steve Ireland VK3VM

    Looks Great ! I especially love the lack of “jinglish” in the dialog boxes etc… 😉

  4. darkteckno

    Absolutely brilliant, thank you!

  5. Ronald Tissier

    Gratitude for your efforts…W5SWB

  6. EA3BIL Rafael


    I had CPS’ XML language file translated to Catalan.

    How can I send it to be added to the project ??


    Spanish version has a few mistakes. Checking it…

  7. Roger Clark

    I have send you an email

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