GD-77 Community CPS false positive virus warnings

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It looks like no matter what I do with the Community CPS installer, it now gets falsely reported as containing a virus 🙁


As there does not seem to be a solution to the false positives, I thought I may as well reinstate the OpenGD77 comm port driver as part of the CPS installer, as removing it no longer seems to prevent the false positive warning.

I understand that no one wants to install anything which their antivirus detects as a virus, so I’ve put the same files in as a zip


Except, you’ll need to manually run the comm port driver and copy the CPS to a suitable location.

For those interested in the whole false positives problem, its well documented

And this is a great article about how its virtually impossible to get rid of false positives from an installer

I’m using an installer maker called InnoSetup, but the problem seems to apply to all installers e.g.

So although I could try changing installers, I’m not sure it would be worth the effort.

Possibly the only solution is to digitally sign the installer, however this is extremely costly, costing hundreds of dollars per year, and I simply don’t have those sort of financial resources to spend on stuff I give away for free.

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  1. ken

    thank you

  2. Kevin Sullivan

    Help! I can’t seem to get any information on why the 9998 parrot tg won’t work on my GD-77. I can’t find anything out of the ordinary. I have tired several different repeaters to no avail. Any suggestions?

  3. Roger Clark

    On DMR+ it seems to be on TG 9990 rather than Private Call 9990

  4. Rick

    Maybe the problem could be solved by making “portable” releases that don’t need an installer?

  5. Roger Clark

    I already have a zip to download all the files.

    It’s in the same folder as the installer exe.

    I think I linked to it in a previous post, but I can link to it again

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