GD-77 Community CPS Beta 3.1.x seem OK for general release

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The Beta version of the community CPS has been in use by many people, without any new bugs being reported, so I’ve decided to copy the exe to the main section of my github repo.


Anyway, who just wants to download a stable version of the community should use this link


I will start making some changes to the “development” exe in the next week or two, as the trials into modifying the power level for the Low setting, to reduce it for use with hotspots, are going well, and  I will probably start to add that functionality to the CPS soon.



I have noticed that there are some differences, when deleting Contacts and Channels, between the Community CPS and the latest official CPS.

I’m currently investigating what Radioddity has changed, but its a time consuming process, and @lxa520 aka @lion, at Radioddity has not replied to my questions asking about what they’ve changed.


On an associated subject, I have told Radioddity about the crash bug in their CPS, when changing from Analog to Digital channels by pressing the arrow keys, and told them why it crashes, and they now fixed this in their version, so people who don’t use the Official version will benefit your bug reports and also my analysis of this bug.

Radioddity chose to fix this bug in a different way, to what I did, but the result is the same in that it no longer crashes 😉

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  1. ken

    sounding great, using your Radioddity GD-77 CPS 3.1.x – Community Edition with 3.01.02, works seamlessly and the import last heard option is great. thank you

  2. Roger Clark

    Thanks Ken

  3. Rolf -DJ7TH-

    Hi Roger,
    thanks a lot for your great work. I posted the link to your new version on our German GD-77 Facebook Group.

  4. Roger Clark

    Hi Rolf..

    No worries….

    Thanks go to Colin G4EML for the codeplug upgrade feature and helping with the bug fixing in the new version.

  5. Douglas

    Hello again, so after a couple weeks since releases 3.1.1 / 3.1.2 here a quick update on what I’ve noticed in German Repeaters.

    It seems to be that lots of hams are not updating from 2.6.6 to the new releases of Firmware from Radioddity.
    due to the need of rewriting the whole codeplug. Only those who seem to be codeplug writers update there groups for there own regions a newer version of there codeplugs.

    Another reason seems to be that lots of ham ops got rid of gd77 because of bugs and memory problems and went on to buying the newly released anytone 868, which has a better cps. which automatically connects to internet to update userdatabases and everything can be exported or imported or even cloned from rt3 to the 868.

    Another reason seems to be the gd77 is to quiet on digital mode since they turned down the volume.
    So scanlists with mixed modes, you can hear the difference in loudness.

    So again thanks for updates Colin and Roger your both doing nice work.

    73 Douglas

  6. Roger Clark

    Thanks Douglas

    I looked the the Anytone CPS but its not possible to see how it downloads the contacts

    BTW. Contacts download is not working at the moment. I did a post about this.

    The problem seems to be at Ham-digital as the CPS uses a data feed page on their site, but their whole “Last Heard” system is broken again.
    It looks like its been broken for 8 days.

    It a same its so unreliable.

  7. Anonymous

    Buenas tardes, tengo un gd77 con el firmware 3.1.3 y trabaja bien, pero tengo un gd77s que se queda transmitiendo, que hago att William

  8. Roger Clark

    Unfortunately, GD77S firmware is completely different to GD77

  9. Gemini


    My GD77 developed fault ,following are the symptoms :

    following are the issues :

    1) no self check tone.
    2) no Receive audio but the green led glows.
    3) No tones on pressing keys only clicks are heard. However, for the menu tones are enabled along with self check.

    Is it possible to have the schematics of the radio? And to identify the fault and replace the components if required !

    Any help on this is welcomed !

    PS, I had tried different codeplugs but status is same !


  10. Roger Clark

    AFIK the schematics have not been published.

    Sounds like a problem with the audio amplifier, probably caused by a dry joint in the soldering.

    Its easy to take the back off the GD-77, but this only gives access to the back of the main PCB, and I can’t remember which side of the PCB has the audio amp chip on it.

    If you have to remove the PCB, you may have to unscrew the 2 bolts holding the SMA RF connector, and you also have to desolder the central pin of the RF connector from the back of the PCB.
    I used solder wick for this, to remove most of the solder from the though hole in the PCB were the central RF pin is connected, then removed the RF connector, before removing the PCB.

    PS. The front panel is connected via 2 wires to the speaker and a flexible ribbon cable for the keyboard, display and the mic. Its easy to disconnect the ribbon cable from the back of the main PCB, and as long as you are careful its safe to do so.

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