GD-77 Community CPS and FlashManager updated

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With more people starting to use the OpenGD77 firmware, I’ve realised that the operation of the CPS with the OpenGD77 firmware was not as obvious as I initially thought, hence I’ve made a small change to the CPS.

Pressing on either the “Read” or “Write” buttons on the main toolbar of the Community CPS, when a GD-77 running the OpenGD77 firmware is connected to the PC, will now open the OpenGD77 Support screen. (This screen was previously only accessed via the Extras menu.)

Currently the OpenGD77 Support screen, does not then immediately Read or Write the codeplug from the OpenGD77. You still need to click on either the “Read Codeplug” or “Write Codeplug” button.

In the longer term, I will automatically Read or Write the codeplug when the screen is opened via those buttons, but I’d also need to add another popup to confirm whether the user does want to do that action, to keep the functionality the same as for the official firmware, and I don’t have time at the moment to make the operation that seamless.



I’ve also made a change to the FlashManager, because I found it was no longer compatible with older backups, which are 1Mb in size, whereas the newer backups were 8Mb.

I’ve changed FlashManager back to only supporting the standard GD-77 radios which have 1Mb flash and not the experimental 8Mb GD-77 radios which I was sent by Radioddity.

I do not plan to support the OpenGD77 firmware, because the Community CPS supports both reading and writing of the whole of the EEPROM and Flash in the GD-77, and I recommend that Hxd ( ) be used to edit the backup files for the EEPROM or Flash if necessary.

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  1. Ray C.

    Cool, it wasn’t readily evident and I’m lazy. 😛

  2. Roger Clark


    I agree, it wasn’t obvious in the CPS, but it is documented in the manual 😉

  3. ken

    thanks for update

  4. EvO

    Hi Roger,
    thanks a lot for the really impressive work!

    I have to report only two things.

    1) RadioddityGD77FlashManager.exe

    It is reported as invalid Windows 32 bit application.

    2) RadioddityGD77CPS31XCommunityEditionInstaller.exe

    False positive reporting as a virus, like it has already happened in the recent past.


  5. Roger Clark


    I will double check Flash manager.

    Re: False positive for a virus.

    It looks like some virus scanner now treat any non commercial software as a virus, which is a shame but there is nothing I can do about this.

    Potentially using a different installer maker may fix the problem, but may not.

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