ESP8266 for Arduino – Discontinued

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As a follow up to my posting about ESP8266 for Arduino. As expected, things are moving very fast in this arena, and my GitHub repo has now been superseded.

Another GitHub user, Sandeep Mistry,   which uses as a sub module and hence automatically tracks the myriad of changes that are happening to the core files at the moment.

However because Sandeep uses the same compiler binaries as the IDE version from esp8266/arduino there may be issues the compiler not being able to find its helper dll’s (on Windows), resulting in a message like “Compile error”. Which are caused because the compiler can’t locate libiconv-2.dll

The solution to this is to copy the AVR libiconv-2.dll to the root of the IDE installed folder.


One of the main reasons I produced my own repo was to use a compiler which didn’t have the issue with helper DLL’s , but I have since been informed by Ivan from the core dev team, that build switches on my compiler could cause issues with the core esp8266 code.

To resolve these problems, I attempted to compile a new version of the Xtensa gcc compilor using MinGW on windows, however the build process is quite problematic, and had a habit of crashing or hanging for no apparent reason, and I currently cant get a complete build to finish.

As I don’t have any more time to devote to rebuilding the compiler, I have effectively deprecated by repo.

Please feel free to continue to use it, if the dll help file is an issue for you, but in the longer term, I will remove the repo completely, as I’m sure that Ivan an the core devs at will do a install package that doesn’t require a complete copy of the Arduino IDE.