Languages Online app

Educational app

I have recently been developing an educational language app for the Victorian School of Languages, Australia.

Languages Online Indonesian appLanguages Online Indonesian appLanguages Online Indonesian app

The app – available for download in the iTunes store is an activity based language learning tool suitable for ages 6 and up.
Kids learn to speak, read and write key Indonesian (and soon to be released, Japanese) vocabulary and use it authentically in their world through engaging topics, flashcards, activities, games and songs.

I was solely responsible for the development of the app, which was developed using Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR.


  • Deployed to Apple iPad (iOS), Android tablets and also as a PC.exe
  • Contains 19 different activity types, all of which are xml scriptable and load external content (swf files) giving a total of over 250 different activities in Indonesian alone
  • Provides local caching of content for offline use and dynamic updating with new or updated content when the user is online
  • Tracks and stores student progress and scores for each activity
  • Records and plays back audio recorded by the student.