Community CPS not downloading contacts because of outage at

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I noticed recently that the Download Contacts feature in the GD-77 Community CPS, did not seem to be adding any new contacts.

This seemed odd to me, so I investigated the problem, and it the data feed from

Looking at the page which displays that in a user friendly fomat


The page does not change when its reloaded.


And the data that the CPS downloads from Ham-digital is showing that the last time any station in Australia transmitted was 8 days ago.

Obviously this is not correct, as the DMR network is very active here. So the problem seems to lie with HamDigital’s network monitoring system.

The data download page must still be functioning correctly, otherwise I don’t think it would show the last contact heard was 8 days ago.

So this would seem to indicate that the network monitor has not been working for over a week, and consequentially it won’t be possible to download new contacts until ham-digital fix whatever the problem is.


I have tried contacting the email address on the Last Heard page, but I never get a response when I try emailing.


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  1. mike

    Hey Roger, would it be possible to make the URL that data is pulled from a configurable option? Because of the limited memory in the GD77 and the fact there are 2 other DMR networks here, I wrote an php script to generate both the contacts list and the DMR ID list for activeclient (that excludes the contacts). It would be great to be able to download them directly from the app CPS!

  2. Roger Clark


    Thats a good idea.

    I’ve been working on a feature to download the entire contacts list data from DMR MARC, however at the moment DMR MARC seems to have serious server issues.
    Also downloading all contacts, even after filtering results normally results in far more contacts to import than the GD-77 can hold in the Digital Contacts.

    I will take a look at your idea today.

  3. Uli Knobloch DO9ULI

    Hello Roger

    DMR-MARC SERVER is Down for 48h moving from USA to EUROP

    New DSVGO from Europ-Union 🙁

    ,New data protection regulation for Europe. The database will probably contain only call, first name. But that was to be expected, according to which the database for Europe had already been castrated.

    Greeting Uli

  4. Roger Clark


    I checked yesterday and the City etc data was still available.

    I’m not sure why DMR MARC which I thought was an American organisation would move its data to Europe which has tighter regulations and possibly would cause them legal problems

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