Changing to new web hosting at Ventraip

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I am moving my site hosting from HostGator to Ventraip in the next few days.
So the site may be offline for some time while I transfer everything across and set it up at the new host.

My blog is currently hosted in the USA by HostGator, who I’ve been hosting with for around 5 years, however their service has been steadily declining, and the straw that broke the camels back was that their email server, which my email is routed through, is now blacklisted by as well as many other major email providers like Telstra who are the largest ISP in Australia with probably around 4 million customers.

This has resulted in me being unable to send emails via HostGator to anyone who uses, as well as (Telstra) etc


I requested technical support from HostGator about this issue, and was told that because I’m on shared hosting, that spammers can be using the same server, and hence their servers get blacklisted.
They did not have a solution to the problem, except to to pay for an upgrade to a dedicated server which had its own private IP address.


It seems crazy to me that a major company like HostGator, could be telling me that they don’t monitor and shutdown any accounts used for bulk spamming, and that email on shared hosting is can to be blacklisted, and they are not willing to do anything about it.


As an interim measure, I’ve switched my outbound emails to use my cable ISP provider (who is the National Broadband Company), but this isn’t ideal, as it means that all my devices need to have different outbound email settings as I don’t use the same ISP for my phone, and it also means I can’t send emails when I’m anywhere that has free Wifi.


I’ve chosen to host with Ventraip, an Australian company who has given me very good service as my domain registrar for several years, and I hope their web hosting service will be equally as good.

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