Changing the language setting on a Chinese laser cutter

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Just a quick post in case it helps anyone who has the same problem with their newly purchased Chinese laser cutter, where the menu language is set to Chinese (probably “Simplified Chinese”)

The original display looks like this. Note all the words are in Chinese


If you push the button labelled “Z/U” it opens the main menu, which is also in Chinese




If the machine has English set as the language, the menu would look like this.


So what you need to us press the down arrow, below the “Z/U” button, until the button at the top of the second column of buttons is selected.


This displays the language selection screen, where you need to select the third option down and press Enter.


If English was selected, the screen would look like this



Once English is selected, the text on the main screen will be in English and you can confirm this by pressing the “Z/U” button to enter the menu.

BTW, Pressing “Esc” exits the current menu.


PS. Someone else may well have already documented how to do this but I couldn’t find how to do this when I searched the web, so my method to figure out what was on the menu’s was to guess what words would be displayed e,g, “Language” and then use Google Translate to show be the Simplified Chinese equivalent, then visually compare what was on the menu with the Chinese characters, and fortunately they had called one of the menus “Language” so I was able to match the Chinese characters closely enough to work out which menu it was.

Annoyingly, inside the language menu, it doesn’t have the language names in latin text e.g. English or French or German etc.

So I had to google translate “English” to work out which language option

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for your research. It helped me out alot

  2. Roger Clark

    You’re welcome

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for posting this. Got me out of a bind!!!!

  4. Roger Clark

    No worries

    I’ve since found some other posts about this, and I think someone has done a youtube video, but its hard to find.