Running RDWorks on Linux

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As a matter of interest, I thought I’d see if I could use the RDWorks laser cutter control program on Linux, even though its a WIndows only application. Linux add-in called WINE ( ) that allows Windows exe’s to be run under Linux. However when I tried to install RDWorks using WINE I initially got a load of error messages which implied that loads of RDWorks DLL’s were missing or could not be … Read More

Mahoney CO2 laser power meter

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I recently bought a Mahoney laser power meter from “Bell Laser” ( , also known as, to establish whether my “50W” Chinese laser cutter was actually producing anywhere near 50W.

Network aware laser cutter security

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My Chinese laser cutter has a feature which allows it to be connected to a cabled LAN, but I’m always concerned about attaching random hardware to my home network as sometimes Internet connected devices have a “phone home” feature where they connect to a central server and send back log data, or possibly do other things which you’d rather they didn’t. So although my workshop PC is around 5m from my laser cutter, I … Read More

Changing the language setting on a Chinese laser cutter

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Just a quick post in case it helps anyone who has the same problem with their newly purchased Chinese laser cutter, where the menu language is set to Chinese (probably “Simplified Chinese”) The original display looks like this. Note all the words are in Chinese If you push the button labelled “Z/U” it opens the main menu, which is also in Chinese     If the machine has English set as the language, the … Read More

Replacement 3D printed CO2 laser bracket

When I bought by cheap “50W” Chinese laser cutter, I was alarmed to see that the brackets holding the laser in place were just bits of bent galvanized steel, packed around with a large amount of black rubber in order to get the laser into alignment. And when I needed to remove the laser to clear some air bubbles that had formed in the cooling water, I found it virtually impossible to realign the … Read More