Initial impressions of Adobe’s “CreateJS Toolkit”

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I spent several hours today looking at Adobe’s new Flash -> HTML5 converter called “CreateJS Toolkit” (see ) The premise is that Flash content, (graphics, animation and sound) can be exported for use with the CreateJS suite of open-source frameworks ( ). The “Toolkit” its self is a Flash extension. Its only compatible with Flash CS6, however I suspect this is purely a marketing limitation, as Flash CS5 can save to XFL … Read More

Traffic Control game source now on GitHub

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I’ve now uploaded the source code for my first cocos2d-HTML5 game “Traffic Control” to GitHub.   As cocos2d-HTML5 is changing all the time, I’ve included cocos2d-HTML5 as a sub project so that the correct version can be downloaded with the game code.

Traffic Control game in Cocos2D-HTML5

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Over the last week I’ve been evaluating Cocos2D-HTML5 as a general HTML5 development framework and I find the best way to do an evaluation is to attempt to actually build something. So here is my first Cocos2D-HTML5 game. Click Here to play the game .