Open-GD77 CPS

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Another quick post, mainly to get some feedback.   Now that the open source GD-77 being written by Kai, DG4KLU, is progressing and can receive on both FM and DMR. One of the other things on my, rather large, To Do list is to write a CPS to support Kai’s firmware.   Currently I’ve added some functions, so that the official codeplug, which is already in the GD-77’s memory, can be partially used by … Read More

GD-77 FlashManager installer

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Just a quick post to let people know that I finally got around to making an installer for the GD-77 Flash Manager software, that allows the 1 M byte Flash memory in the GD-77 to be backed up and restored etc.   The installer can be downloaded from here   I’m am also compiling an archive of backups that people have taken of their transceivers. This is mainly to look at the … Read More

Radioddity GD-77 Experimental CPS changes

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Following on from my previous post, I’ve made a number of changes to this experimental version of the CPS   In the “TreeView” I’ve removed the checks that prevented the first Channel, or Contact or Rx Group or Zone etc, from being deleted. So its now possible to delete everything except VFO’s (as the GD-77 can only have 2 VFO’s and you cant add or remove VFO’s)   I initially had some … Read More

Radioddity GD-77 CPS – Allow deletion of first Zone, Rx Group and Channel etc

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While working on the enhanced Channels export and Import feature I noticed that its not possible manually delete the first Channel, or the first Zone of the first Rx Group etc. But the Channels import feature used to remove all Channels before importing.   Doing some further testing, I found that it appears to be possible to delete all Zones , and Rx Groups etc, prior to importing, with no apparent problems. Not being … Read More