Arduino on the ID100HR fitness tracker

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Some time ago…, Goran Mahovlic commented about how he was trying to run Arduino on an IDo 003, fitness tracker / smart watch which uses the nRF51822. As I’ve been interested in smart watches for some time, I thought I’d buy the same watch, and join in the fun. Unfortunately the first watch I bought didn’t contain an nRF51822 (see my other post about nRF51 based smart watches), so I ordered 2 more of … Read More

Don’t buy this smartwatch / fitness tracker !

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Just a quick post about another smartwatch / fitness tracker that I was miss-sold on eBay Its title was A16 Bluetooth Smart Watch Health Wrist Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Sports New Do NOT buy this watch   It is listed as using the Nordic nRF52832 Bluetooth MCU, but when I opened the watch to see how to reprogram it, I found it contained a Dialog processor   Unfortunately as I had already accepted … Read More

BBC Micro bit hardware designs are now available on github

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I think the profile of the nRF51 is about to take a big leap forward, as the previous closed hardware design for the BBC Micro-bit, which has been rolled out around a million school children in the UK, has not been released on GitHub There is a press release  indicating that the micro bit foundation will be encouraging the use of the design throughout the world. I am not a lawyer, but … Read More

nRF51822 based fitness trackers

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As regular readers of my blog will know I’m an ardent fan of the Nordic nRF51 (and nRF52) series of Bluetooth Low Energy MCU’s. So when I found out that a number of fitness tracker / smart watches, used the nRF51822 and could be easily opened and reprogrammed I was very interested and ordered 2 of them to try. Unfortunately soon after I ordered them, it became clear that the model I had ordered … Read More

Troubleshooting the nRF51822

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I’ve had quite a few comments where people are having problems uploading or running sketches on the nRF51822, so as I don’t have time to answer individual questions, I thought it best to try to cover the main reasons that things may not work   Device is not recognised by Blackmagic probe or possibly not by JLink Originally I had a lot of issues with Blackmagic probe not recognising the ID code in the … Read More

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