Github gists for viewing images from an Arduino

I find I’m often writing small snippets of code which I’d like to share but don’t warrant setting up a Github repo. I often end up posting them on the forum as they are often STM32 related, however sometimes things are hard to find on the forum because of the volume of posts to the site. So I’ve decided to cross post anything I think people may find useful as Github gists … Read More

Arduino STM32 NeoPixels (WS2812B) using SPI DMA

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RGB LED strips (aka┬áNeopixels) have been around for a number of years now, so I’ve been somewhat behind the curve in not having tried these interesting devices until now.However I recently bought a 1M strip of 30 LEDS which feature the WS2812B device, from a local eBay vendor. As regular readers will know, my microcontroller of choice for most general purpose work is the cheap and trusty STM32F103C in conjunction with the Arduino API, … Read More

nRF51822 based fitness trackers

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As regular readers of my blog will know I’m an ardent fan of the Nordic nRF51 (and nRF52) series of Bluetooth Low Energy MCU’s. So when I found out that a number of fitness tracker / smart watches, used the nRF51822 and could be easily opened and reprogrammed I was very interested and ordered 2 of them to try. Unfortunately soon after I ordered them, it became clear that the model I had ordered … Read More

Troubleshooting the nRF51822

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I’ve had quite a few comments where people are having problems uploading or running sketches on the nRF51822, so as I don’t have time to answer individual questions, I thought it best to try to cover the main reasons that things may not work   Device is not recognised by Blackmagic probe or possibly not by JLink Originally I had a lot of issues with Blackmagic probe not recognising the ID code in the … Read More

Arduino on the nRF51822 Bluetooth Low Energy microcontroller

Update May 2018   The articles about programming the nRF51xxx devices are now 3 years old and are only of use for historic reference. Please see the work done by Sandeep Mistry for the current status of Arduino development on these devices   Original post… This is the first in a series of posts about programming the Nordic Semiconductors nRF51822 Bluetooth low energy micro-controller using the Arduino IDE. The post is a big … Read More